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Hitting the Right Notes in Your Sales Outreach

A group I've written about before—Museum Hack—is revitalizing art institutions by telling vivid stories to their audience. "Storytelling establishes a universal way of communication," they write. "And because it invites audiences to fill in the blanks with their own experiences, it helps to set emotional connections..."


Integrating Stories Into Marketing and Sales Can Pay Dividends

A key to making an idea sticky is to tell it as a story. Stories encourage a kind of mental simulation or reenactment on the part of the listener that burns the idea into the mind. For example, a flight simulator is much more effective than flash cards in training a pilot. The hard part about using a story is creating it. The best way to use a story is to always be on the lookout for them. Most good stories are collected and discovered, rather than produced..."


5 Ways to Make Your Storytelling More Engaging and Effective

Most of us spend our entire lives surrounded by the stories we're telling," said Sarah Redohl in a webinar for the American Society of Business Publication Editors yesterday. "It's not that hard to pull out your cameras and start shooting those moments. The more you do that, the more proficient you will be at it. Start taking your phone out right now and start shooting videos."