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Facebook Leverages Advertising to Stop the Spread of Fake News

Just like much of the content on the internet, fake news is funded largely by advertising.  Therefore, this week Facebook announced that pages that share “fake news,” or false stories masquerading as truth, will no longer be allowed to advertise on its platform.  The goal is straightforward:  to punish pages that link to stories that are marked as “false” by third-party fact-checkers from making money. 


Print Redeemed? Nielsen Catalina Study Finds Magazines Have Highest Return on Advertising Spend

Nielsen Catalina Solutions, which helps CPG marketers gauge return on advertising spend (ROAS) with in-store data, today released a study called ‘Yes, Advertising Works. Now, What’s My ROAS Across Media Platforms?” To the collective groan of many CEOs and private equity owners, the study found that magazines showed the highest return on advertising spend, with an average return of $3.94 for every dollar spent. Despite the hype, digital video delivered the lowest ROAS at $1.53.


From "Biz Media" to "Biz Info": Why Just About Any B2B Publisher Can Do It (and How Events and Advertising Will Benefit, Too)

It's no surprise—today most Connectiv members describe themselves as “business media” companies. But five years from now, most say “business information services” will be a better descriptor, according to the recent Connectiv 2015 Business Outlook Census.