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Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) Hosts January 25, 2019 Artificial Intelligence Event With George Washington University’s Institute For International Economics And The Institute For International Science And Technology

This well attended event entitled: “Artificial Intelligence: What Can be Learned from Other Countries Approaches?” can be viewed on YouTube here.   Professor Susan Aaronson provide a preview of her work on the topic which will be discussed in a paper entitled: “Data is a Development Issue.”  Some takeaways included the reality that there are no broadly generalizable studies on the impact of AI on job creation – in fact, available data can be used to posit both that it contributes to job loss or gain; cybersecurity will include an AI component; bias in AI is possible (just as it is in non-AI contexts), but it can be addressed; and, the AI use skills deficiency in people capable of an inter-disciplinary approach to AI use is both real but also an opportunity.  Given that McKinsey (among other estimates of the economic impact of AI) estimates that AI could deliver up to 16% higher global GDP by 2030, understanding and taking advantage of t ...


Can 18F Learn From the Failures of GDS?

After a failed attempt to improve their national healthcare website in 2010, the UK’s Government Digital Service (GDS) was formed in 2011 as an agency under the Cabinet Office responsible for the government’s single website, building new digital services, and tracking how people use government services in an effort to improve them. In five years, the agency expanded exponentially and now employs over 700 workers.

At the same time, 18F is facing many similar questions. At a recent House hearing, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) highlighted a series of concerns that range from a lack of outcome-oriented goals and performance measures to the cost-recovery capability of 18F’s programs.