The annual C-level Summit takes an unbiased and candid look at the “Elephants in the Room” facing B2B information and media leaders. The program will raise the key issues keeping business executives up at night with innovative, sustainable solutions provided by thought leaders, CEOs, and practitioners. 

The agenda will be designed to be provocative, surprising and enlightening. A blend of keynotes, one-on-one interviews, panels and short topical updates will tackle external issues ranging from marketers and customers, branding and positioning, and forward-thinking sales strategies. Internal topics will include people (the right skill sets, new titles and training); new organizational systems and operations; and how to sustain resilient solution-focused teams.

Here's a sampling of topics that we'll tackle with thought leaders, top executives and practitioners:

Disruption: The New Normal - An uber overview of what's next and what's new impacting the global marketplace and how a visionary CEO has crafted a strategy to manage the challenges and opportunities of doing business worldwide. 

Resilience: Transitioning Traditional Media - The inside story on how to transition to operate on new platforms and develop new products in today's complex information marketplace. 

Data: What Does It Mean and Why Does It Matter?
- How to transform data into intelligence and information into insights.

Pivot: The Transformers - How leading brands have pivoted to transform their companies to provide information service solutions, research and experiences driving new growth.   

Data Security Playbook for CEOs - What are the strategic technology issues that CEOs need to understand to protect their business in a digital age? What do you do when you have a security breach?

The New CEOs: How the New Generation Views B2B - Two CEOs under 40 discuss how they're going to market, where they see opportunity and how they view the marketplace differently from legacy companies in the same space.


This information is about Connectiv Executive Summit 2016. Please use the main navigation to view information for this year's conference.