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Judge Testimonials

Industry Insight

An amazing experience and a way to gain insight to the changing landscape of technology.

Phillip Ballo

Southwestern Community College District

Share Your Expertise

Being a CODiE judge for the first time has been the best experience. I had the opportunity to share my expertise on the new products/services. Thanks for the opportunity CODiE Awards!

Aminata Adewumi

New Jersey City University

Participate in Global Innovation

The judging process of the SIIA CODiE awards is excellent, and being deeply involved in worldwide innovation platforms is invaluable.

Harry Strasser

Executive Partner, Digital Convergence

Review Top Products

Seeing the newest, cutting-edge products is amazing! The future will be filled with great programs.

Gilpatrick Peyton

Northwest Hills Christian School

Knowledge Enrichment

SIIA CODiE Award Judging experience has not only enriched my knowledge about latest applications in my field of specialisation but has also given exposure to global standards and latest trends in my field.

Vikas Dadoo

Zirca Digital Solutions


A great opportunity to connect with industry innovators.

Cassandra Berry

Life Skills High School

Detailed look at Top Technology

A great opportunity to get a detailed look at the present and future of educational technology.

Myron Cizdyn

The BLPS Group

ID Best Products to Purchase

Judge the CODiE Awards to see the best products available - in many cases I become a customer in the process.

Alan Wallace

PressContact, LLC

Access to Innovation

Acting as a judge for the 2018 CODiE Awards was a very rewarding experience - I learned so much about new and innovative products.

Lana Whittaker

City of Hamilton

Keep Current

As a first time judge in the Best Higher Education Learning Content Solution category, it was such a great experience learning about the new products. It is a wonderful way to keep current with new technologies.

Susan Van Alstyne

Berkeley College

Contribute Knowledge

As a teacher, often times our opinions are not valued, so it is always a great opportunity to have my voice heard concerning products created for instruction and practice.

Jasara Hines

Lake Nona High School

Learn about Technologies

Awesome opportunity to learn about new technologies and how they are leveraged within the enterprise.

Bill Talbot

WJT & Associates

Resume Builder

Being a CODiE Award Judge has given me experiences I would not have gained unless I had been a part of the process. The knowledge I have gained from judging has helped me in my day to day career and will continue to guide me in future endeavors. It is win, win.

Kathleen Tunner

Berkley School District

Industry Insight

Being a CODIE judge gave me the opportunity to learn about some of the newest products on the market for educators. I was able to meet groups from the companies and learn about their products. They took time to answer my questions and listen to my suggestions.

Sonja Abdelgawad

Belton Achool District

Experience top Technology

Being a CODiE judge has given me a chance to look at new or updated learning applications and platforms. I learn every time and get to see and "play" with some really cool stuff!

Paula Cancro

The College of Westchester

Engage Shareholders

Being a CODIE judge is an amazing way to keep up with incredible programs entering the education market to engage shareholders and generate school improvement.

Toni Morgan


Gain Relevant Insight

Being a CODiE judge is an awesome experience because it provides me an opportunity to break away from daily to-do tasks while gaining insight (through product demonstrations) into new technology-based solutions relevant to my profession.

Dr. David Ayersman

New River Community and Technical College

Gain Deep Product Insight

Being a CODiE judge is interesting and rewarding because of the insight and perspective you gain from looking at candidate products from a perspective that is different from the usual buying criteria applied when evaluating products.

Scott Chate


Professional Development

Being a first-time CODIE judge was an excellent opportunity for professional development that cannot be attained in a similar way. I was exposed to innovative products in live demos and had the opportunity to provide the companies with questions and feedback.

Karen Lagrew

Orange Unified School District

Interact with Visionaries

Being a judge allowed me to interact with several passionate visionaries - the experience motivated me to think outside of the box in my own practice.

D. J. Koch

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

New Knowledge to bring to the Classroom

Being a judge was an informative experience that provided me with information that I could use to look at how I could better use my current curriculum with my students.

Donna Barton

Clay County Schools

Be Inspired

Being on the front line of new technology is always worth your time, even to see what doesn't work. Many inspirational moments of seeing what does!

Christie Allison

Minnesota Online High School

Bring Innovation to the Classroom

By being a CODiE judge, I learned about new products that really will benefit my students.

Tonya Curt-Hoard

Hartnett Middle School

Collaborate with Judges and Product Leaders

Collaboration and connections are invaluable in the judging process but are priceless in the world of education.

Dr. Amy Arsiwala

Franklin Township Public Schools & NJCU

Improve Classroom Instruction

Great opportunity to review innovative software products to improve classroom instruction.

Ruben Montoya

Alhambra Elementary School District

Contribute and Learn

Having served as a CODiE judge for several years, I still look forward to each new yearly competition and the oppprtunity it affords to interact with, learn about and even contribute to hot new companies and their products and services.

Richard Dym

Richard Dym & Associates

See New Products that Promote Learning

Having the opportunity to see various new products designed to promote child learning and simplify the teacher's task lists was incredible.

Paul Ramey

Adventist Health Glendale

Global Program

I enjoy the opportunity to be a SIIA judge to see innovative products and solutions that I otherwise would not know about. As a Global competition it was wonderful to hear from innovators and entrepreneurs from around the world.

Tom D'Amico


Professional Development

I love viewing new products and seeing what's out there. It's great for professional development as a teacher.

Erik Duhn

Adams-Friendship Area Schools

Gain Knowledge

I really enjoy the CODiE Judging experience. Being able to see products and gain first hand knowledge helps in seeing how the world of education is changing...for the better.

Emily Pieroni

Paramus School District

Help guide product development

I thoroughly enjoy my role as a CODiE judge. The opportunity to participate in an in-depth review and trial of new resources and products is invaluable, and I like knowing that my feedback may help to improve a tool or service for future users.

Claire Wollen

Sheridan College

Gain insight into how different companies work

I truly enjoyed sharing my insights and expertise as an SIIA CODiE Awards judge. I had the opportunity to review innovative products, and gained insight into the way other brands brainstorm, create, and bring products to life. A really remarkable view.

Brittany Bucceroni


Stay Current

I would encourage educators to take part in the SIIA CODiE Awards in order to allow you to stay current the the technologies that are being used in the 21st century.

Monte Tatom

Freed-Hardeman University

Make a Difference

If you are looking to make a difference in the industry, a difference in user experience and a way to really push discussions with your peers to new and creative levels become a CODiE judge. By far one of the best investments of your time.

Kristina Podnar

NativeTrust Consulting, LLC

Immerse yourself in New Technology

If you want to stay on the forefront of new and emerging B2B software technology, there are few better ways to immerse yourself in a bunch of products than to be a CODiE Award Judge!

Jonathan Buckley

The Artesian Network, LLC

Great Experience

I'm always impressed by the passion and the ingenuity of the products I get to judge. It is a good experience personally and professionally.

Anthony Fabbricino

BNY Mellon

Guide Innovation

It had been an honor and a great deal of fun judging for the Codie Awards. Having the opportunity to meet innovative young companies and aiding their efforts, is a great experience.

Nathan Elia

IGC Capital

Ensures quality products

It was an honor and a pleasure to participate as a judge for the CODiE awards. This event raises the bar for all participants, and assures quality products and services.

Joe Nicke

Corent Technologies

Keep on top of Trends

Judging for the CODiE awards provides an excellent opportunity to keep tabs on how these tech categories continue to evolve.

Nate Dame

CEO, Propecta

Pay it Forward

Judging is a way to pay forward to the industry I love, in thanks for all those who have mentored me.

Rob Foshay

The Foshay Group

Front row to Innovation

Judging is more like getting a front-row seat at an innovation summit.

Charles Terry

iJET International

Career Growth

Judging the CODiE Awards has given me a firsthand look at available education products that promote the growth of teachers and students. I'm always thankful for the opportunity.

Donella Sherry

Northwest Regional Professional Development Center

Help Improve Products

Judging the CODiE Awards is a benefit to both the nominee as well as the judges. You get to share knowledge, help improve products, and get to keep up on world-class information companies.

Patricia Sabosik

Elm City Consulting, LLC

Work with top developers

Serving as a CODiE judge is an honor I look forward to each year. If you enjoy interfacing with leading edge developers and executives sharing their latest innovations then I'd encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity.

Al Byers

STEM Happens Network

Best In Class

SIIA continues to make a difference in education beginning with product and program input, helping companies meet the needs of schools, students, educators and parents. The CODiE awards create a best in class standard that raises expectations across the board.

Jane Radenhausen

J Daly Associates

Share new knowledge

The opportunity to review new or established application provides me with a basis for much of what I present to our students. The experience keeps me abreast of what is on the horizon in instructional technologies. I would recommend the experience to anyone.

Ilna Colemere

University of Texas at San Antonio