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Tips for Judges

  • Be Responsive to nominees. For whatever reason, if you are not able to continue judging, please notify Jenny Baranowski immediately as well as each nominee assigned to you and your product assignments will be reassigned.
  • Allow one hour for each demo.
  • Plan ahead: Keep deadlines in mind so you are not scheduling demos or submitting scores at the last minute.
  • Be Communicative: Nominees are expected to contact you, but you are welcome to be proactive and contact them with a short introduction message and suggest dates and times that work for you for each one-hour demo.
  • Be Professional: Remember that you are representing an international and prestigious awards system. Your interaction with nominees before, during and after the demo should be respectful and professional.
  • Don’t be Afraid to ask Questions:  Contact CODiE Awards Director, Jenny Baranowski, immediately if you are uncomfortable or confused about what to do.
  • Be Respectful of Time: Make sure you are clear and reconfirm when your demo begins and how long it will go.
  • Complete your Evaluations Immediately: Don’t wait for days afterwards to enter your presentation scores! Plan to take 15-20 minutes to enter them when they are fresh right after the demo. Your scores determine to a large part whether the nominee’s product makes it to the decision round. Be thorough in your comments so nominees receive high quality constructive feedback. 
  • Skip Irrelevant Criteria! When judging the products skip any criteria that are not relevant to the product. The product will not be penalized.
  • Ask Questions of the Nominees: Ask each assigned nominee how they would like clarifying questions handled throughout the presentation. When you ask questions, it is a good idea to review the explanation of what product you are evaluating and ensure your questions are appropriate for the product and the category they are in. We also recommend reviewing the judging criteria with the nominees before the presentation begins so everyone is on the same page.
  • Check Requirements Before the Demo: Check to make sure you have the appropriate software to view the demo/ presentation.

Our 2020 Judge Application is closed. If you would like to be on the wait list or receive reminders, click the links to sign up for 2021 Biztech or 2021 Edtech judging.

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2020 First Round Judging Timeline

Judge applications due
January 17, 2020
How to Judge the CODiE Awards Info Session
January 23, 2020
Product assignments sent to judges
January 27, 2020
Product demos completed
February 20, 2020
Judge evaluations due
March 13, 2020