Tips to a Successful CODiE Award Experience

Before nominate

  • Identify the categories you feel are the best fit for your product (You may nominate in as many or as few categories as you choose). We also have the categories in PDF format, if you prefer to keyword search.
  • Add the timeline and deadlines to your calendar. 
  • Sign up for the How to Nominate and win a CODiE Award webcast
The nomination form

  • Complete your nomination in Word or notepad first, so you have a copy of the nomination in the event the form times out.
  • Be as succinct and clear as possible in your nomination language. Proofread for errors and typos.
  • Add supporting materials to the application, it is also helpful to have a recorded demo listed for the judges too.
  • Make sure at least one person from the nominating company is listed as a contact in the nomination form.
  • If you are a first-time nominee, be sure to attend the Tips Webcast, and read through the awards process.
  • Nominations must be paid in full by January 16, 2021. Nominate early to save money!
Wow with an award-winning demo

Your one-hour demo with the CODiE award judges can make or break your path to win. The first-round expert review accounts for 80% of your overall CODiE award score, so it is important to put your best foot forward. Here are 10 tips to a great judging experience and presentation. For more tips, join the How to Nominate and Win a CODiE Award webcast.

  1. Reach out to your judges ASAP to schedule a time for the one hour demo Finding a time that works for both nominees and judges can take time.
  2. Schedule a live demo if at all possible so judges can ask questions they have in real time. You are welcome to try to schedule a demo with both judges at the same time if schedules permit.
  3. Don’t give a canned sales pitch. Treat the judges as a top prospective client and make sure to put your best foot forward. Reading the judges bios to get a sense of their background can be very helpful when customizing your presentation.
  4. Avoid having too many people on the call. Giving a virtual demo can become confusing when there are multiple speakers so it is best to keep it simple with one or two presenters.
  5. Check in with the judges before the presentation begins to ask how they would like to handle questions, and make sure to check back in throughout the presentation to make sure they are seeing what they want/ need to.
  6. Review the judging criteria for the category before your presentation and make sure to touch on each criteria that is applicable.
  7. Move away from a product training and instead create an awards story. The judges want to be wowed so make sure to show them why your product is great and what sets it apart from others.
  8. Make sure to cover any new features if you have nominated in the past, and why those features are important. 
  9. Let your excitement about the product shine though in your presentation, if you have a favorite feature make sure to show it off. Be careful not to have the demo turn into a sales pitch or a product training though.
  10. Follow up after the demo to offer additional resources and a recording of the demo so they can re-review it if needed. It helps to add the recorded demo right to your nomination portal.