• ETF 2017
  • Keynote: Peter Cohen

What new technologies

are disrupting the education market?

Technology has closed the gap between producers and consumers, destroying traditional entertainment and retail while creating whole new unicorns. Augmented and Virtual Reality are poised to become $100 billion markets. Everything, from your refrigerator, entertainment system, heating and cooling system and beyond, is becoming interconnected. Artificial Intelligence can predict what you're likely to buy this week and what shoes you're going to wear tomorrow. 

Do you know how these technologies are opening up opportunities and creating threats for your education business?

  • How does IBM see AI and IOT Disrupting Education?
  • What's Real? Can Augmented and Virtual Reality Transform Education?
  • Where's the Gold in Preparing Students for Jobs of the Future?
  • Why You Can't Ignore AI, the IoT and Machine Learning
  • WTF is Blockchain, and What Does it Have to Do with Education?


Phaedra Boinodiris
Senior Strategy Lead, Ed Tech

Kathy Bennemann
Erudite AI

Lisa Casteneda
Co-founder and CEO

Scott Kirkpatrick
President & COO
General Assembly

Seth Haberman
Sense Education

Simon Tindall
Open University
Head of New Business

Troy Williams
Managing Director