Denver Ambassadors


Meet the Mile-high Magnates, the Boosters of Broncos, the Doyens of Denver, the Ambassadors of Amazing!

What’s the best place to have a high-level customer meeting in Denver? I’m bringing my family, including a six-year-old with me for some R&R before the Symposium. What family-friendly activities should we be sure to do? How’s Uber service in Denver? I’m shut out of the event hotel. Is there a cool independent I should try?

Our four Denver Ambassadors are eager to show off their Denver bonafides by answering questions like these while you’re planning your trip. Email Charlene, Kevin, Connie or Linda with your Denver questions. Additional Denver resources available here.

Charlene Blohm
C Blohm & Associates
I am deeply into Denver because the convention center is a first-rate facility, there’s a good restaurant at every turn and the three other Ambassadors have all given me personal tours of the area over the years. I lived in Montana early in my career and have visited Denver many, many times.

Kevin Custer
Arc Capital Development
I am a 5th-generation native-born Coloradan.  I grew up here and went to university here (Univ No Colo). I spent 20 years traveling around North America and choose to come back here 16 years ago.  I was on skis at age 4, horses by age 6, worked for 6 years at the Alpine based Boy Scout camp as a back country ranger. I have climbed 7 different 14,000 foot peaks for a total of 30 times. Still ski 20+ days a year, and about that many for camping and fishing.  I'm a hardcore Broncos fan and find this to be one of the healthiest places in North America to live.

Linda Winter 
The Winter Group

I’m devoted to Denver because it’s a city of open arms, open minds and open doors for opportunity. And yes, there are great neighborhoods, great restaurants, an ever changing skyline and the daily surprise of mountain views. Whether you like ballet or bull riding, snowboarding or a whole lot of great shopping, we’re here for you. Looking forward to seeing everyone this summer.


Connie Davis
Agile Education

I am Denver’s biggest fan because with 300 days of sunshine a year you can get a tan while skiing and never run out of patios and rooftops to enjoy dinner and a craft beer on. Plus, we are the home of the World Champion Broncos!

Is the Capitol open to the public?

There are two Capitols in the area: the Colorado Capitol (a mere 30 minutes to downtown Denver from DIA) and Wyoming Capitol (just 90 minutes from DIA to downtown Cheyenne)

Colorado Capitol Hours: 10 AM to 3 PM Monday-Friday


Wyoming Capitol Hours: 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday-Friday

What’s the weather like in late July?

Hot and dry. You may want to cool down while tubing or paddling at Clear Creak Water Park in downtown Golden.