One-to-One Meetings

One of the definitions of symposium is "a formal meeting at which experts discuss a particular topic." With that in mind, our 1-to-1 Business Meetings are being conducted a bit differently for the Education Industry Symposium. The meetings will take place in two segments as described below. Participate in the first hour to get to know potential partners and then get the ball rolling before you leave.

Segment 1: Tuesday, July 26 from 2:30-3:15pm

Make your position known on one of three challenges faced by education and the companies that serve education - Adaptive Learning, IEP for All and Educator Dashboards. In this first session you will join one of three thought leadership group to clarify how your offering addresses a set of needs and how collaboration or an industry position might accelerate creating sustainable solutions. Each of the three groups will result in a one-page paper describing relevant issues, how as an industry we could better address those issues, and the products or services offered by those who participate in the discussion. Segment 2 will be less structured to allow participants discuss one-on-one initial steps they can take to provide solutions to identified issues. 

Segment 2: Tuesday, July 26 from 3:45-4:45

Find that critical collaboration that will take your product or company to the next level! In the first hour participants you joined one of three group to discuss Adaptive Learning, IEP for All, or Educator Dashboards. In this second hour, participants are provided time and a location to talk one-on-one about how their organizations can move ahead in creating better solutions through collaboration. 

This event is facilitated by our partners at Educational Systemics.     

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