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Educational Systemics   EducationalSystemics

Educational Systemics is a service organization offering both breadth and depth of experience in education, technology, and business planning for the K-12 market. Educational Systemics’ mission is to improve teaching and learning in schools by working closely with K-12 businesses to conceptualize, design, develop, position, and identify sales opportunities for products that address the education community. Our President, Michael Jay, hosts a monthly internet-based radio show called Education Table Talk in which three industry leaders discuss topics important those who serve pK-12 education in a fast paced, entertaining format. (www.edtabletalk.org)

Texthelp   TextHelp
Hello, we’re Texthelp….experts in language and literacy support technologies. We work to integrate reading and writing support tools within publisher’s online content, eBook, or assessment platforms to help students reach their full academic potential. Texthelp’s SpeechStream solution, designed for publishers, allows reading and writing support tools to be embedded within publishers’ content, providing students with a consistent experience across browsers and devices. SpeechStream provides tools to meet the needs of student accommodations with text-to-speech read aloud with synchronous highlighting, dynamic translation with read aloud, vocabulary support,  word prediction, and more. SpeechStream also supports several ways to read aloud math equations. Visit http://www.texthelp.com/prosol to learn more.

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