Sponsorship Packages

EIS Sponsorship Packages


  • The opportunity to provide 1 piece of collateral for a Sponsor Literature Table located by registration
  • Your company logo, along with other sponsors, shown in looped PPT slide throughout the Symposium
  • Your company logo included in the printed pocket conference schedule for the Symposium
  • Acknowledgement in the ETIN newsletter and via social media outlets before and after the conference
  • Verbal acknowledgement of your sponsorship from the stage by SIIA senior staff
  • Inclusion of one announcement in one of the Daily Attendee Briefings* (*2 announcements for Host and Gold level sponsors)
  • Pre-/post-conference Excel file of attendee roster (includes email and phone numbers for those who do not opt-out)

Sponsorship Options

HOST Sponsor (2 Available)

Greet attendees; share the stage with SIIA at both the opening keynote and closing session during this annual Symposium!

$8,000 members; $10,000 non-members

  • 3 complimentary EIS registrations
  • 2 Additional registrations at the discounted rate of $750 each
  • Logo on conference mobile app banner
  • Logo imprint on lanyard
  • Develop and sponsor two ETIN member webinars (developed with SIIA ETIN)
  • Share your company’s impact video with EIS attendees (3-minute video, closing session)
  • Provide one piece of collateral and/or small promotional give-away at keynote

GOLD Sponsor (3 Available)

Acknowledged Sponsor and participate in the Wednesday Luncheon

$3,500 members; $5,250 non-members

  • 2 complimentary EIS registrations
  • 2 additional registration at the discounted rate of $750 each
  • Logo on conference mobile app banner with other Gold sponsors
  • Host a plenary session
  • One piece of collateral on tables during lunch

SILVER Sponsor (5 Available)

Acknowledged Breakout Sponsor (Wednesday and Thursday)

$2,500 members; $3,750 non-members

  • 1 complimentary EIS registration
  • 1 additional registration at the discounted rate of $750
  • Host and moderate a breakout session topic of your choice
  • Distribute one piece of collateral at your session

10 Minutes to Impact Presentation & Reception (1 Available)

Host innovators at the conference (Thursday afternoon)

 $4,000 members; $6,000 non-members

  • 2 complimentary registrations
  • 2 additional registrations at the discounted rate of $750 each
  • Introduce participants at each of nine presentations
  • Includes your own presentation table during the reception showcase

Wi-Fi Sponsor (1 Available)

Let your company be the reason that EIS attendees are able to access their digital tools during the conference. How many times did you look at your phone during the last conference you attended?

$4,000 members; $6,000 non-members 

  • 2 complimentary registrations
  • Wi-Fi password to incorporate sponsor's name

Hotel Key Card Sponsor (1 Available)

Put your logo in attendees’ hands over and over again throughout the conference.

$3,000 members; $4,150 non-members

  • 1 complimentary registration
  • Key card to incorporate sponsor's logo

Signature Cocktail Sponsor (2 Available)

Help us select signature cocktail for Tuesday and Wednesday receptions.

$2,500 member; $3,750 non-members  

  • 1 complimentary registration
  • Help select your company’s signature cocktail 
  • Your 1-color logo on cocktail napkins

Speed Networking (1 Available)

Host Speed Networking activities on Tuesday

$2,500 members; $3,750 non-members

  • 2 complimentary registrations

1:1 Business Connections [SOLD]

Pre-set meetings among attendees

  • 2 complimentary registrations

Charging Station Sponsor (1 Available) 

A charging station for portable devices branded with your logo 

$2,000 members; $3,000 non-members

  • 2 registrations at the discounted rate of $750 each  

Break Sponsor (2 Available)

Sponsor snacks for Tuesday or Wednesday’s afternoon breaks. First come; first choice.

$2,000 members; $3,000 non-members

  • 2 registrations at the discounted rate of $750 each
  • Signs with logo during break

Scholarships for Educators (12 Available)

We want to involve educators in the entire conference. To make it easier for them to do that, you can sponsor 1 or more educator’s travel and lodging. 


$1,500 members; $2,250 non-members

  • 2 registrations at the discounted rate of $750 each

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