One-to-One Business Connections

About One-to-One Meetings

Meet the right people, for the right reasons, during the One-to-One Business Connections at the Education Impact Symposium in San Francisco. Leverage your time at our conferences to the fullest by having ETIN schedule meetings in advance with companies that can help you meet strategic business objectives. These fast-paced exchanges will help pave the way for increased capital, revenue, and strategic alliances between participants.

ETIN staff will set up One-to-One Business Connections meetings at designated times during the conference. We will select companies to meet with you based on the preferences you describe in a quick survey. In order to participate in the One-to-One Business Connections you must be a registered attendee of the event, complete and submit the participation form during the open period and fit the criteria as either a listening or presenting company (including no overt sales of services).

How to Participate

To participate in the 1:1 Business Connections, please complete the following:

  1. Download the pdf of the survey below to prepare to complete the survey online. You will not be able to edit the online survey once it has been submitted. Note: You will complete either page 3 or 4 of the survey based on your response to the question about your high level goals for the meeting.
  2. Complete the One-to-One Registration Survey here:


If you have any questions, please email us at

Who should participate?

Education technology companies who are searching for capital / investment, revenue, distribution and strategic partnership opportunities, as well as those companies who are providing those opportunities. The meetings are a particularly good opportunity for companies new to the industry. Conference attendees looking for funding or business development support are "Presenting Companies" and will make short presentations to representatives from the "Listening" companies that closely meet their funding/strategic objectives.

For Presenting Companies

As a Presenting Company representative, you can:
  • Find investment opportunities by talking to venture and strategic investors 
  • Gauge the licensing and distribution opportunities for your content and technology products and services
  •  Meet top executives and interact with companies to develop strategic relationships 

For Listening Companies

As a Listening Company representative, you can:  
  • Discover new products or companies with business models that fit investment portfolios or strategic relationship needs 
  • Discuss content and technology licensing possibilities with potential partners 
  • Hear directly from top executives, ask questions, and interact with company officials 

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... I found the opportunity to be very valuable, especially as a first-time event attendee and as someone looking to refine a pitch for a new product."

Scott Watkins

Michigan Virtual

This is one of our favorite aspects of the SIIA conferences, in that it gives us exposure to a broader range of activity in the K-12 space and have generated several leads from the experience."

Kevin Gray

Westchester K-12 Publishing Services

I've made great connections through the SIIA One-to-One Business Connections. SIIA does a great "matchmaking" job to be sure these meetings are worthwhile."

Lisa Schmucki

It has provided valuable introductions and enabled me to learn about industry participants."

Neal Goff

Egremont Associates




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