FISD Reads: Powerful by Patty McCord

Date: Wednesday, September 5, 2018
Location: FISD Reads LinkedIn group page
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Join us for a live discussion of Powerful: Building a Culture of Freedom and Resposibility by Patty McCord.

FISD Reads is our new virtual book club is intended to help you gain insights from some of the world's best leaders so you can apply them in your professional life. In the spirit of book clubs you may know and love, FISD Reads will help you broaden your horizons -- we won't restrict our selections to business books only (but you can still expect some business books). Political and military figures have just as much to offer on the topic of professional leadership as executives and entrepreneurs, provided you're willing to read between the lines.

Wednesday, September 5

10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Online Discussion

10:00 AM ET-11:30 AM ET

Maybe you’ve heard of a little something out of Silicon Valley called the Netflix Culture Deck. Developed by Powerful author Patty McCord, the slides describe Netflix’s philosophy for creating and retaining the best possible staff. In the ultracompetitive tech sector, Netflix has found success by increasing employee freedom which allows “innovator-mavericks” to thrive. These “innovator-mavericks” drive growth and allow a company to be flexible enough to respond to market changes. Adapting to change requires creative thinking. If you deify process over creativity, you may gain short-term stability, but you risk long-term stagnation.

Think that doesn’t sound like the market data industry? We too find ourselves in the land of giants: Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook. Any of these companies might decide they want a piece of the market data pie and they’ve got the juice to make it happen. How would you remain competitive?

McCord posits that you would do well to construct a staff of only talented, high-impact employees and then give them room to run. In Powerful she shares what she learned in the C-suite and elsewhere about building the best possible team and keeping your people motivated.

This should be an illuminating read as McCord’s philosophy emphasizes her proven guiding principles over her personal “secret sauce” for leadership. Secret sauce is enjoyable, but hard to replicate. We’re hoping to learn some actionable lessons through reading and discussing Powerful.


Hope Wilkes, Program Manager, Professional Certification, FISD