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Crisis Management: How a Company That Is 70% Events Is Adapting to the New Reality

In his first year as CEO of Questex, Paul Miller and team achieved both top and bottom line growth thanks to a new strategy with a rich engagement platform centered on leading events and surrounded by data insights and digital communities. Then COVID-19 hit, forcing Questex, a company that sees 70% of its revenue from events, to dramatically pivot. Hear how Miller and team are preserving event revenue, making up for lost revenue with data and media, and benefitting from a strategy already in place that restricted the company from 17 verticals to five growth-oriented industry sectors.

Paul Miller, CEO, Questex


CEO Power Panel: How Industry Leaders Are Planning for Their Companies to Not Just Survive but Thrive

Join us for a conversational think tank, as some of your most innovative peers candidly discuss the state of their companies, the steps they’ve taken to manage the crisis, how they are managing staffs (and keeping them productive) in a new workflow and what they think about the state of the industry and where we go next.

Sean Griffey, CEO, Industry Dive
Tim Hartman, CEO, Government Executive Media Group
Gemma Postlethwaite, CEO, Arizent
Tony Uphoff, President and CEO, Thomas


PE Perspective: How COVID-19 Is Changing The Way Private Equity Looks at Media and Information, From Valuations to the Future of M&A

JEGI | ClaritySponsored by JEGI | CLARITY

Join us for a discussion on how private equity is responding to the crisis, specific steps they are taking to help their media and information properties get through this, what it means for M&A and how they think the market will change after the crisis.

Wilma Jordan, Founder and CEO, JEGI

Geordie Pierson, Principal, Falfurrias Capital Partners
Jesse Serventi, Founding Partner, Renovus Capital


Corporate Entrepreneurship: How to Transform Your Business Model

Events will be back – but publishers can’t expect things to be business as usual. Over the past 15 years, 52% of S&P companies have disappeared, while the average lifespan of a corporation has shrunk from 61 years in 1955 to 17 years in 2017. To survive and thrive, business leaders today must adopt startup attitudes that change not only how they go to market but how they think and operate internally day-to-day. Sean Ammirati, a partner at venture capital firm Birchmere Ventures and distinguished service professor of entrepreneurship at Carnegie Mellon, will demonstrate how legacy companies can apply an entrepreneurial culture that leads to continuous innovation (and growth). You can learn more about Sean's work in this area at CorporateStartupLab.

Sean Ammirati, Partner, Birchmere Ventures

TUESDAY, MAY 12 | 1pm ET

A World Without Trade Shows: Spending Data for 2020 and How Leaders Are Generating New Replacement Products and Revenue

For years those of us in media have always had a few safe bets we could rely on. Print will decline, digital could go through massive change but never go away but frustrate us, and trade shows, like our best hitter, always delivered.  Even though recessions they were the golden child. Now what? 

How you lead, generate new products and treat your customers in the next several months will go a long way in determining your success in the coming years. At this webinar, you will get an exclusive look at how spending is changing in 2020 courtesy of MediaRadar and how to set up your organization to generate multiple new replacement products and revenue.  

Jim Elliott, President, James G. Elliott Co., Inc.
John French, CEO, John French LLC
Todd Krizelman, CEO, MediaRadar


Revenue Panel: Five Ways Managers Are Making Their Numbers Today 

Hear how some of the B2B media industry’s best and brightest revenue owners are finding new revenue and making budget. Come away with five steps you can implement immediately to drive growth, from monetizing virtual events to leveraging marketing services to capture event spending to rethinking lead gen to monetizing audience and market data and more.  

Maurice Bakely, Chief Revenue Officer, Education Week
Prescott Shibles, Executive Vice President and GM, Equipment Division, Randall-Reilly
Matthew Yorke, Chief Digital Officer, Northstar Travel Group

TUESDAY, MAY 19 | 1pm ET

Why Membership Models Are Thriving

CredSparkSponsored by CredSpark

If "subscriptions" was the buzzword of 2019, "membership" is the hot trend of 2020. Customers no longer want to be passive recipients of content--they want to help drive the conversation. Hear how converting audience into community isn’t as hard or as time-consuming as you might think, why its helping drive revenue for publishers in the downturn and how they are positioning publishers for growth post-COVID 19.

Jeff Mancini, Chief Strategy Officer, arizent
Rob Ristagno, CEO, Sterling Woods Group


Closing Keynote: No More One-Way Doors: How a Culture of Innovation Remade the Washington Post

When Jeff Bezos acquired the Washington Post in 2013, the brand was beset by challenges and flashy new competitors like Politico, staff departures and an old media model that was struggling to keep up. Today, the Post is a profitable powerhouse, boasting leading edge digital experiences, more than one million subscribers (and growing) and a new publishing platform business that observers say could be worth $100 million.

Connectiv is proud to welcome Jeremy Gilbert, the Washington Post’s director of strategic initiatives, who will show how a culture of innovation brought The Post’s engineering, product, content, audience and sales teams together to not only produce one of the most successful turnarounds in media history, but position The Post for continuous evolution down the road.

Jeremy Gilbert, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Washington Post




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