Global Tech Policy Trends To Watch In 2024

Written by: Suher Adi

With the UN’s AI Advisory Body report being released this year, there are many developments to look forward to. Without any binding regulations in place, international forms and voluntary commitments play an increasingly important role in the way technology is developed and used. SIIA will be keeping an eye out for any major developments coming from multilateral groups throughout the coming year. Below are five developments we will be paying particular attention to: 

    1. The International Standards Organization (ISO) will release more guidance related to generative AI. With standards development becoming the largest discussion point on the international stage, the ISO plays an important role in the development of global AI policy. In particular, we will be on the lookout for new recommendations from the ISO and the International Electromechanical Commission (IEC), as well as opportunities to submit input. 
    2. The G7 will continue to meet and develop guidelines and policies regarding the use of AI . Developments and changes related to the International Guiding Principles for Advanced AI systems, in addition to the AI Code of Conduct, are important to monitor as they can hint at the way global cooperation and agreements can move. This is especially  important  as other international bodies are moving to establish their own sets of policies and recommendations on AI. 
    3. The Global Partnership on AI (GPAI) has a new leader with India taking charge of the work for the coming year. India, seen as a tech leader from the Global South, has been known to champion the inclusion of middle income countries in the policy conversations about the development of AI, and how to minimize risks associated with the technology. A welcomed development to diversify the policy conversation, it will be integral to watch how India’s leadership will transform the discussions at GPAI during the coming year. 
    4. EU AI Act final text will be released. With the establishment of the EU Commission’s Artificial Intelligence Office, the EU AI Act will provide further context for the scope of the  jurisdiction of the new AI Office and how the Office will handle matters related to the emergence of AI technology and AI technology companies.
    5. The UN Summit of the Future, which is happening later in 2024, will likely include some level of discussion and agreement on a United Nations approach to artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies in a variety of contexts, like environmental technologies, AI, and emerging technology standards.  

SIIA is looking forward to the busy year ahead, and is ready to submit comments and information requests to government agencies looking for additional information to support the development of policies around emerging technology like AI. We all have an important role to play in an exciting time with rapid developments in the technology sector. We are eager to participate in shaping the future of technology policy throughout this coming year and the years to come. 

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