In the News: House Panel Cans Vote On Data Privacy, Kids’ Safety Bills

The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) was mentioned in a recent article by Law360. A House panel decision to delay voting on crucial data privacy and children’s safety bills has sparked significant attention. The bills, aimed at enhancing protections for consumer data and children online, were set for consideration by the Subcommittee on Consumer Protection and Commerce. However, the hearing was abruptly canceled, raising concerns among stakeholders about the future of these legislative efforts amidst increasing scrutiny over online safety and data privacy issues. Chris Mohr, President of SIIA, expressed disappointment over the postponement, stating, “We are disappointed that the subcommittee did not take up these important bills today. Protecting children online is a critical priority, and we support thoughtful legislation that balances the need for robust consumer protections with the realities of today’s digital economy.” Mohr emphasized SIIA’s commitment to advocating for comprehensive data privacy regulations that strike a balance between protecting consumer interests and fostering innovation within the technology sector. The delay highlights persistent challenges in achieving bipartisan consensus on digital privacy legislation, underscoring the complexities of regulating a rapidly evolving digital landscape while ensuring robust protections for users and industry alike.

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