Instructional Materials Toolkit

A competitive instructional materials marketplace is necessary to ensure schools and students always have access to the highest-quality learning materials based on their needs at reasonable costs. Both commercially develop and open education resources have roles in the marketplace and neither can be allowed to skirt basic quality checks to ensure all students will be served well served by the decision to acquire a particular material.

Ultimately, instructional material selection is a local level decision for school districts, institutions of higher education and educators to select or develop the materials that best fit their programs and courses – whether they are OER or commercially-developed, digital or print. The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) and the Association of American Publishers (AAP) have developed these guides and checklists for educators and administrators in K-12 and higher education to identify best practices in the decision-making
 process, including identifying high-quality components all materials should be expected to address.

When determining instructional materials to adopt, it is vital that schools and educators consider the wide range of core and value-added elements in any material being introduced into the classroom to find the best match for their needs. While price is a factor, it is not the only factor in the value and quality of an instructional material. 

Policymakers as well will find these materials informative to better understand the instructional materials market and 
the components of high-quality materials.

 K-12 Resources


Higher Education Resources

Choosing Quality Classroom Materials for K-12 - This guide is intended to provide school district administrators and K-12 educators with an overview of the decision-making process for selecting instructional materials of any type, including identifying quality benchmarks and aligning with district and classroom needs and pedagogy. Download the guide.   Selecting Quality Course Materials for Higher Education - This guide provides an overview of OER funding models and includes considerations unique to the higher education decision-making process. Download the guide.
Quality Assurance Checklist for Instructional Materials - A K-12 specific set of questions to ask when reviewing any instructional material before adoption for classroom use. Download the checklist.   Identifying Quality Course Materials - A higher education focused question set for determining total quality of instructional materials before adoption for course or program use. Download the checklist.

 What Are Open Educational Resources?

What is OER? - An FAQ to address misconceptions and mistruths about open educational resources, instructional materials in general, and digital content. Download the FAQ.