For Nominees

What are the deadlines and fees to enter the Neal Awards?

Nominations Open - October 7, 2019
Early Bird Deadline ($195) - November 15, 2019
Regular Deadline ($225) - December 6, 2019
Extended Deadline ($250) - December 31, 2019

What information is needed for the entry form?

If I am entering a print article or series, do I submit tear sheets?

Do not submit tear sheets and instead upload a standard PDF of the print article(s). A high-resolution image (300 DPI or press-ready PDF) of the opening page of your entry is also required for use at the ceremony if your entry is named a finalist.

If you are submitting entries in Best Single Issue, please mail a physical copy of your Issue to Allison Bostrom at 21 W. 46th Street, Suite 804, New York, NY 10036.

If I am entering a digital-only category, can the entire process be handled online,
or do I also need to provide tear sheets or other paper documents?

Paper documents are not required for any entries. Submission of the work, as well as payment, will be handled online.

When does the entry have to be published to qualify?

January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019.

Where does the entry have to be published to qualify?

Entries must have been published in a Connectiv member publication or website. As the competition rewards editorial excellence, it is only open to editorial staff of these member publishers. If you are not sure if your company is a member, or qualifies, please email

Are non-English entries accepted?

No. At this time we accept only entries published in English.

How many entries can a title submit into one category?

For each title, two entries may be submitted in any one category.

How many entries can a title enter?

No more than 20 entries per title.

Can I enter the same entry in multiple categories?

No, unless it is an individual item contained in an entry for Best Single Issue, Best Overall Art Direction/Design, Best Infographics, Best Website, Best Range of Work by a Single Author, Best Subject-Related Integrated Package, Best Editorial Use of Data, or Best Media Brand.

Individual items in the above categories can be entered separately in other categories. You may enter Best Single Article as well as the same article for Best Art Direction for a Single Article.

Can multiple titles contributing to an entry qualify?

Yes, if the work was produced collaboratively and disseminated to readers as part of a cohesive package. If the titles are in different revenue classes, please pick the higher revenue class.

How do I find my SRDS number?

How long can the description of your audience and the
industry/profession/business your publication serves be?

1,500 characters (including spaces).

How long can the background statement describing the significance and
intent of the material, and why it was of service to your readers be?

1,500 characters (including spaces).

The Call for Entries states that there is a limit of eight people who can be listed on an entry -
I have more. What should I do?

If you have more than eight people who have worked on your entry, we suggest you check the "Acknowledge Entire Staff" box.

Where do I upload my submission?

On the online entry site, you can create an entry by clicking on the "Add Entry" button. On the tabs "File Uploads" and "URLs" of your new entry creation, you can upload your artwork, PDF and include digital links.

If I start an entry, but cannot finish it, can I finish it at a later time?

Yes. Save your entry and go back to it when you are ready to work on it again.

Can I use my login from previous Neal Award programs for entries and/or judging?

No, you must complete a new registration for each awards cycle and judging. If you use the same email address, the system should remember your info and make it easier to fill out the form.

Is the Neal Award entry/judging login the same as my SIIA or Connectiv website login?

The Neal Award entry and judging system (Omni) is different than the SIIA/Connectiv website. You may set the same credentials if you’d like, but separate registration is required.

How do I pay for my entry?

All entries are paid for online with a credit card. Connectiv is no longer accepting checks as a form of payment.

I don't see my question here - whom should I contact?

If you have a question, email


For Judges

Can I participate in judging if my company submitted for a Neal Award?

Yes! We encourage entrants and their colleagues to sign up as judges. Entries are carefully sorted to avoid any conflicts of interest.

I am only interested in judging certain categories, how do I specify that?

Please select the categories you are interested in judging; we will try our best to accommodate.

Someone from my company is already judging, can I participate too?

Yes! We encourage as many qualified candidates from a company to participate in Neal Award judging. Sign up to judge here.

How much of a time commitment is Round 1 Judging?

Judge and entry matching are determined based on how many entries are received and how many judges sign up. In previous years, judges received up to 20 entries, depending on the categories they were assigned. You can expect to dedicate around 10 hours, but we give you two weeks to complete your judging, so it can split up based on your schedule. These numbers are subject to changed based on entries submitted and confirmed judges.

Can I use my login from previous Neal Award programs for judging?

No, you must complete a new registration for each awards cycle and judging. If you use the same email address, the system should remember your info and make it easier to fill out the form.

I forgot my judge login, what now?

You can reset your login online, or reach out to and we’d be happy to reset it for you.