A Word from the Chair

When many of us started in this industry, we wrote newsletters, printed and mailed them. To sell newsletters, we wrote marketing letters, printed and mailed them. We counted our money, worried about getting renewals and went out for a beer.

I wish things were still that simple.

Today we make money from conferences, webinars, tradeshows, e-learning, training, management reports, data, subscription websites, membership, management reports, books, custom publishing and, um, newsletters, produced in more types of media than I have space to list. We sell via email, social media, sales teams, licensing and postal mail.

Can you keep up with all the best practices out there? I know I can’t.

That’s why you need to register today for Content Transformation: New Models for Profit. You need to talk to your peers to see what’s working—and what isn’t. You need to learn from experts outside our industry who can help you. None of us can do this alone.

So come to SIPA’s 39th Annual Conference June 3-5 in Washington, D.C., and have that beer we used to have time for. I look forward to seeing you there!

Cindy Carter,
President, FDAnews
SIPA Secretary and 2015 Annual Conference Chair