Beacon Live
BeaconLive partners with our customers to produce professional webinars, webcasts and on-demand solutions for the lead generation and paid to attend markets, specializing in Continuing Education. Beyond providing state of the art technology, your dedicated Event Services team will facilitate all of the details of your events to ensure flawless execution.  BeaconLive offers a full suite of services ranging from pre-event registration through post event production.


CWC SoftwareCWC Software
CWC Software introduced the original QuickFill Subscription Fulfillment System in May of 1989 at the Newsletter Publishers Association Washington DC conference. Through more than 25 years of changes – as the NPA evolved into NEPA, then SIPA and SIIA – CWC Software and QuickFill have been there to meet the growing needs of the information publishing industry. Please visit us at this year’s conference and see how we can help you.


ePublishing’s mission is to deliver multi-platform websites that increase traffic, create audience engagement, and monetize assets efficiently on mobile, tablets, and the web.  ePublishing offers responsive design, a suite of revenue-generating features and 24 x 7
support to overcome obstacles to growth.Our three business-critical solutions create engagement to monetize readers for any business model - lead generation, free trials, ad sales - and converting visitors to buyers in our eCommerce/Shopping Cart system:  1) Break down Silos: integrate Fulfillment, Email, CRM, Webinar and other systems.  2) Create Relevancy and Context – relate articles, video, blogs,
podcasts. Products; engage readers and present resources in context with eCommerce.  3) Individualize - track individual reader
behavior to inform editorial strategy and content marketing. Manage Content, Community and Commerce from one unified dashboard.  
The result?  Increased Revenue Per Reader and diversified revenue streams.   To learn more, please visit



MultiPub/Datasystem Solutions
MultiPub/Datasystem Solutions is the most sophisticated subscription management system available today.  It was designed to assist media and data companies that sell or tracksubscriptions; allow access to members-only websites; offer  issue-based and time-based subscriptions; manage groups and site licenses; offer bundles of products; report earned and deferred revenue; do recurring billing; track trial subscriptions;audit the circulation; manage inventory; charge tax; analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns; and produce events.


Publishers ServicePublishers Service Associates, inc.
Publishers Service Associates (PSA) was launched in 1999 with the explicit goal to service special interest publishers. Until then, no fulfillment service, large or small was designed from the ground up with this goal. Our current list of SIPA clients include: IOMA’s IoFM, The Accounts Payable Network, The Accounts Receivable Network, Financial Operations Network, Atlantic Information Services (AIS), Greenbranch Publishing, Street Authority, Leeb Capital Management Group, and Wyatt Investment Research.    PSA’s services:  Customer Service, Letter Shop, Outbound Calling Center, Fulfillment Management, eCommerce and more. 


QCSS, Inc. is a Chicagoland based teleservices firm. Since 1988, QCSS has been the “go-to” telesales resource for the publishing/content/media world. Our mission is to develop well executed inbound and outbound telesales, appointment setting, and lead generation programs that make our clients profitable. If there is phone work to be done, our team can do it better than anyone else. Visit us at to learn how. 888-229-7046


real magnet

Real Magnet, LLC
Real Magnet, LLC is a leading Email and Social Publishing & Analytics Platform. Real Magnet offers a wide range of tools to help marketers break-through the clutter of overstuffed email in-boxes. These features include email and social marketing, dynamic content, event-triggered messaging, credit-card enabled landing and registration pages, A/B testing, deliverability testing, social sharing, integrated Google Analytics, and many more.


Service SourceServiceSource
ServiceSource provides the world’s leading Information Services and Digital Media companies with cloud software, expert managed services and best-practice processes proven to increase customer success, drive revenue growth and decrease churn from existing customers. ServiceSource’s solutions help companies with onboarding and adoption, upsell and cross-sell, retention and renewals – the entire revenue lifecycle. Only ServiceSource brings to market more than 15 years of exclusive focus on customer success and revenue growth, global deployments across 40 languages and 150 countries, and a powerful, purpose-built recurring revenue technology platform.
Thanks to ServiceSource, another customer is retained every 47 seconds.


Subscription GenuisSubscription Genius
The leading industry provider of subscription and advertising sales management software for publishers. Subscription Genius provides full digital solution integrations with over thirty platforms. Ad Sales Genius provides leading sales management, reporting and accounting automation.


TV WorldwideTV Worldwide
Founded in 1999, TV Worldwide ( developed the first network of community-based, Internet TV channels targeting professional sectors and advocacy groups. Known by many as "Intelligent Internet TV," Fortune 500 companies, 35 Federal agencies and International associations (including American Business Media since 2009) utilize TV Worldwide's live webcast and on-demand video services and solutions in addition to the company’s award-winning production and post-production capabilities. TV Worldwide is the Official Webcaster of the 2015 SIPA Annual Conference.