The 2015 summit offers five learning tracks to choose from:

New Revenue Streams – Are you getting all the revenue you can from your content? Discover how other publishers are making the most out of their existing revenue streams, and where they are finding new revenue with the same content! In this track publishers like you will be talking about elearning, new event sponsorship models, custom publishing, advertising, and more!

Focus on Your Customer –During this track you will learn how publishers are focusing on their customers, and experiencing major revenue gains as a result. Specifically, this track will cover how to keep your customers loyal to you, how you can use data to meet their needs, and best practices to follow to ensure they value your brand.

Managing Your Business – As the content and revenue streams evolve, your organization must evolve as well. Learn from your peers what has worked, and what pitfalls to avoid when changing your business for accelerated growth. Sessions will cover financials, team management, understanding your data and building the value of your organization.

Content – Your customers stay with you for the content you produce. This track will examine how publishers are getting the most bang for their content buck. Sessions will discuss the latest tools and tactics to generate the best copy, how modern editors get their audiences’ attention and keep them paying the business.

Sales & Marketing - Every publisher wants to improve its sales and marketing operation. In this track, you will hear how some of the most successful publishers are making headway in sales and marketing, and how you can do the same! We’ll discuss best email marketing practices, content marketing and marketing automation, and sharpen up your copywriting.