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Workshop: Information Memberships: A Proven Model for Increasing Customer Engagement, Improving Retention and Boosting Lifetime Sales
Jim Sinkinson, Partner, Fired Up! Marketing | PDF

Workshop: Extraordinary Examples for Marketing, Product Development and Sales and How to implement them successfully into your publishing house  |  Audio  
Denise Elliott, CEO, Kiplinger Washington Editors, Inc. and Chris Moffa, Marketing Director, Kiplinger | PDF  |  Video
Arno Langbehn, CEO, B. Behr's Verlag GmbH & Co. KG | PDF  |  Video

General Sessions

Welcome & Opening Remarks | Video
Nancy Brand, Managing Director, SIPA
Adam Goldstein, Publisher, Business Management Daily

Federal and International Privacy Policy Update: What You Need to Know  |  Audio
Sara DePaul, Senior Director, Technology Policy, SIIA | PDF

Politico Pro: Lessons Learned From the Ups and Downs of Becoming a Subscription-Driven  | Video  |  Audio
Danica Stanciu, Vice President, POLITICO  |  PDF

SIPAwards Luncheon
Video  |  Audio

Cutting Through the Hype and Unleashing the Opportunity of AI  |  Video  | Audio
Vlad Eidelman, VP of Research, FiscalNote  |  PDF

Keynote Panel: Keys to Success for 2019 and Beyond: Views from the C-Suite  |  Video  |  Audio
Ed Coburn, President, Cabot Wealth Network (Moderator)
Denise Elliott, CEO, Kiplinger Washington Editors, Inc.
Heather Farley, COO, Access Intelligence
David Foster, CEO, Business Valuation Resources
Meg Hargreaves, Managing Director, Content Partnerships, FiscalNote
Mike Lessiter, President, Lessiter Media Inc.

Content Track

How 3 Publishers Became Award-Winning Podcasters  Audio
Joseph Coleman, Director of Content, Coleman Publishing  |  PDF
Lynn Freer, President, Spidell Publishing Inc.  |  PDF
Stephanie Williford, CEO, EB Medicine  |  PDF

The Future of Media: Evolving Editors into Product Managers  |  Audio
Krystle Kopacz, CEO, Revmade  |  PDF
Jim Molpus, Editor in Chief, HealthLeaders Media

Trends in High-Value Research Publishing  |  Audio
Emma Forber, Head of Client Services, Publish Interactive | PDF

Numbers Drive Engagement: Telling Compelling Stories Using Data  |  Audio
Emily Laermer, Data Visualization Editor, Ignites | BoardIQ - Financial Times publications | PDF

Content is a Fixed Cost: How One Publisher Saved $65k and Made their Staff Happier  |  Video  |  Audio
Cal Butera, Editor, Blogger, Cartoonist, Business Management Daily
Pat DiDomenico, Editorial Director, Business Management Daily | PDF
Robert Lentz, Editor, Business Management Daily
Michelle Pena, Senior Editor, Business Management Daily

Events: Conferences and Webinars

Event Marketing: How to Grow Your Event Registrants And Target The Right Audience  |  Audio
Allie DeNicuolo, Senior Director of Marketing, Digital & Events, Government Executive Media Group
Constance Sayers, President, Government Executive Media Group | PDF

Launching a New Event and Reinvigorating Existing Ones  |  Audio
Brian Cuthbert, Group Vice President, Diversified Communications | PDF

Deploying Webinar Attendee Analytics to Drive Marketing and Strategic Decision Making  |  Video  |  Audio
Clive Riddle, President and CEO, MCOL | PDF

Lift Your Event Attendance By 50% Using Multi-Media Marketing Tactics | PDF  |  Audio
John Bennett, Vice President, Integrated Media, National Business Media
Charity Huff, CEO, January Spring

Conferences: Strategic and Tactical Tips for Success  Audio
Bill Springer, Principal, Springer | PDF


So Many Ideas, So Little Time: How smart executives use data to prioritize growth efforts  |  Audio
Rob Ristagno, CEO, Sterling Woods Group

OPIS RetailSuite 2018 Brand Awareness + Lead Generation Campaign  |  Audio
Sharon Cappucci, Associate Marketing Director, OPIS, By IHS Markit
Rick Wilkes, Executive Director of Marketing, OPIS By IHS Markit | PDF

Everybody In: How to Utilize Your Entire Team When Generating New Ideas that Boost the Bottom Line  |  Audio
Erin Hallstrom, Director, Digital Strategy, Food Processing, Putman Media | PDF

SEO and Analytics Best Practices for Content Creaton  |  Audio
Kelsey Arendt, Senior Data Analyst, Parsely | PDF
Veronica Magan, Director, Digital Growth & Innovation, Aerospace, Access intelligence

Sales Training Flash Bootcamp for Marketers: Turn These Powerful Principles into Breakthrough Marketing Materials  |  Video
Jim Sinkinson, Partner, Fired Up! Marketing | PDF

Strategy/Business Model Innovation

Repositioning a B2B information business within the value chain: a customer-centric approach to maximizing recurring revenues  |  Audio
Richard Butterworth, Commercial Director , Chemical Watch (CW Research Ltd) | PDF
Julian Rose, Director and Co-founder, Chemical Watch (CW Research Ltd)

From Free to Paid: How to Develop New Products Using Beta Tests  |  Video  |  Audio
Daniel Fink, Managing Director, Money-Media, a Financial Times company | PDF

Selling Partner Products: How to Recover When the Relationship Fails  |  Audio
David Foster, CEO, Business Valuation Resources | PDF

What’s Keeping You Up at Night? The Secrets to Success with the Membership Model Audio
Kevin Turpin II, President, National Journal | PDF

Tech-powered, but people-driven publishing: a SEE case study Audio
Vladimir Petkov, CTO , A Data Pro | PDF

The Customer: Sales, Retention and Experience

Customer Onboarding, Engagement & Renewal Braintrust Audio
Robin Crumby, Co-founder and Managing Director, Kademy
Gregory Hart, Director of Marketing, PSMJ Resources, Inc.
Elizabeth Petersen, Project Director, Simplify Compliance

High-End Premium Membership Models That Solidify Loyalty and Thought Leadership Positioning Audio
Stephanie Eidelman, President & CEO insideARM and the iA Institute, insideARM LLC | PDF

Lessons Learned From Selling Corporate Licenses to Fortune 500 Companies  |  Audio
John Barratt, CEO & President, Oil & Gas Innovation Center | PDF

Product and Pricing Strategies to Bring in More Customers to Spend More Money  |  Audio
Paul Legrady, Director of Sales, Business Management Daily | PDF
Steve West, CEO, Project Insight | PDF

The New Frontier of Digital Media Sales Strategy: Relationship Building and Conveying Value  |  Audio
Ryan Vincent, Director of Media Sales, EHS, Simplify Compliance | PDF