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Best Blog or Commentary

1st Hospital Report, Joy Dickinson; Russ Underwood, Leslie Hamlin, Jill Drachenberg, AHC Media

2nd The HR Soapbox, Pat DiDomenico, Business Management Daily

3rd Steve’s Senior Care Blog, Steve Monroe, Irving Levin Associates

Best Daily Publication

1st BioWorld Today, Lynn Yoffee, Jennifer Boggs, Anette Breindl, Sharon Kingman, Amanda Lanier, Nuala Moran, Brian Orelli, Karen Pihl-Carey, Randy Osborne, Marie Powers, Mari Serebrov, Catherine Shaffer, Cormac Sheridan, Peter Winter, BioWorld and Medical Device Daily (division of Thomson Reuters)

2nd BioWorld and Medical Device Daily (division of Thomson Reuters)Holland Johnson, Amanda Pedersen, Mark McCarty, Omar Ford, Robert Kimball, John Brosky, Jim Stommen, Medical Device Daily

3rd Cynopsis Media: Flagship Edition, Roberta Caploe, Lynn Leahey, Cynopsis Media

Best Editorial and Marketing Collaboration

1st HR Daily Advisor, Stephen D. Bruce PhD, Amanda Hurlburt, Paul Manko, Kate Sullivan, Denise Rand, BLR

2nd IA Watch – Conquering Current IA Compliance Challenges, Andrew Umhoefer, Carl Ayers, Marge Gold, Sonia Bunch, United Communications Group

3rd SAPinsider Online Live Q&As, Kristine Erickson and Matthew Shea, United Communications Group

Best Instructional Reporting

1st Special Report: Face-to-Face Guidance Series, Josh Poltilove, United Communications Group

2nd Emergency Medicine Reports: Palliative Care in the ED, Shelly Mark; Travis E. DeVader, MD; Tammie E. Quest, MD; J. Stephan Stapczynski, MD, AHC Media

3rd Pediatric Emergency Medicine Reports: Disaster Planning in the Pediatric ED, Shelly Mark; Kristin M. Kim, MD, PhD; Ann M. Dietrich, MD, AHC Media

Best Interpretative or Analytical Reporting

1st It Takes All Kinds, Sandra O'Loughlin, Rachel Kirkpatrick, Access Intelligence

2nd Trauma Reports: Civilian Blast Injury, Shelly Mark; Robert Falcone, MD, FACS; Ann M. Dietrich, MD

AHC Media

3rd (tie) Casket Survey Shows Funeral Directors Relying More on Technology, Thomas A. Parmalee, UCG

3rd (tie)

Are Regulators Softening Their Stance on Classified Assets Ratios? Aaron Steinberg, UCG

Best Marketing Launch for a New Product

1st Farm Journal Educational SeriesPro Farmer Sales & Marketing TeamPro Farmer

2nd OPIS Basics of Fuel Buying eLearning courseMolly Van GrackUCG

3rd Successful Pre-Marketing of Contexo Media Coding Workbook, Aimee Poole, UCG

Best Use of Mobile

1st Producing 675 Highly Interactive eBooks in 7 Months, Aptara

2nd Aptara’s Cost-Saving Migration from Print to Mobile for CiscoAptara

Best Website

1st OPIS Website Redesign, Dawn Lewis, Sharon Cappucci, UCG

2nd Modern Distribution Management (, Gale Media

3rd, The SAPinsider editorial, marketing, sales, and IT team, UCG

Best Business/Marketing/Other Newsletter or Ezine

1st Oil Express Newsletter, Donna Harris, OPIS, UCG

2nd Fair Housing Coach, Carol Johnson Perkins, Vendome Group LLC

3rd Pat McKeough’s Inner Circle, Pat McKeough, The Successful Investor Inc.

Best Health Care/Medical/Fitness Newsletter or Ezine

1st Hospital Infection Control & Prevention, Gary Evans, AHC Media

2nd Environment of Care Leader, DecisionHealth team, UCG

3rd Home Health Line, Barbara Bryant, Joshua Poltilove, Burt Schorr, Nicholas Stern, UCG

Best Financial/Investing Newsletter or Ezine

1st Personal Finance, Philip Springer, John Persinos, Capitol Information Group

2nd MLP ProfitsIgor Greenwald, Robert RapierCapitol Information Group

3rd (tie) Leeb Income Performance, Dr. Stephen Leeb, Genia Turanova, Alyssa A. Lappen

Leeb Group

3rd (tie) Investor's Digest of Canada, Phillip Fine, Editor, MPL Communications Inc., MPL Communications Inc.

Best One-Topic Special Publication

1st HANA 360 magazine, The SAPinsider and insiderPROFILES editorial team, UCG

2nd Stroke Alert, Vol. II: Prevention, Emergency Treatment, RehabilitationLeslie Coplin, Neill Kimball, Matthew Fink, MD, Donna Avanecean, MF, FNP-C, CNRN, APRN, AHC Media

3rd Successful Assessment for Student Affairs: A How-to Guide, Dr. Kimberly Yousey-Elsener, Julie Phillips, PaperClip Communications

Best Webinar Marketing

1st “Day of” emails for SAPinsider webinarsLaura Parsons, UCG

2nd OR Manager Webinar MarketingKristine KellerAccess Intelligence

Best Scientific Writing or Technical Reporting

1st "Embryonic Stem Cells: Individual Medicine - But With 2 Individuals" in BioWorld Insight

Anette Breindl, BioWorld and Medical Device Daily (division of Thomson Reuters)

2nd SAP and SuccessFactors – An OverviewLuke Marson, Margaret Hein, UCG

3rd Primary Care Reports: Palliative Care Principles Primary Care Physicians Should Know, Leslie Coplin; Ruth M. Thomson, DO, FACOI; Chirag Rajni Patel, MD; Gregory R. Wise, MD, FACP, AHC Media

Best Social Media Success Story

1st Building Business Management Daily's Brands through Social Media, Jaclyn Baldovin, Elizabeth Hall, Business Management Daily

Best Spot News or Single News Story

1st Conflict Minerals Rule Has Unexpected Consequences for Distributors, Jenel Stelton-Holtmeier, Gale Media

2nd A Brewing Storm, Kenneth Briodagh, Access Intelligence

3rd (tie) Communications Daily on Net Neutrality, Howard Buskirk, Matthew S. Schwartz, Kate Tummarello, Warren Communications News

3rd (tie) Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Weekly, Alison Knopf, Wiley

Best Use of Video

1st EventTech 2013 Video Marketing, Sarah Szczesny, Anu Thalakotur, Sophia Sikes, Access Intelligence

The David Swit Award for Best Investigative Reporting

1st Healthcare Risk Management: CPR Refusal Highlights Risk of Overly Strict Policies, Greg Freeman; Joy Dickinson, AHC Media

2nd Lessons Learned from Chevron Refinery Fire, Kevin Thompson, Providence Publications

3rd Mining and Tunneling Unit’s ‘No More Sylmars’ Legacy Threatened by ‘Brain Drain’, Kevin Thompson

Providence Publications

The Margie Weiner Award for Best Marketing Campaign of the Year

1st EventTech 2013 Marketing Campaign, Sarah Szczesny, Anu Thalakotur, Sophia Sikes

Access Intelligence

2nd (tie) “PIVOT to ICD-10”Lesley Parthree, Corinne Kuypers-Denlinger, UCG

2nd (tie) Retargeting Campaign, Eleanor Meredith, Irving Levin Associates

Best Live Event Marketing

1st Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour, Pro Farmer Crop Tour Team, Pro Farmer

2nd EMACS - The Customer Experience Conference 2013Nancy BrandChartwell Inc.

3rd Scary Statistics Drive Triple Conference Success, Barbara Jones, Lesley Parthree, UCG