How Many Can You Answer Correctly? A BIMS 2023 Quiz Offers Glimpse of an Incredible Speaker Lineup

Thornton Wilder, author of Our Town, said: “Seek the lofty by reading, hearing and seeing great work at some moment every day.” To make that happen, for two days at least, we have just the thing: our Business Information & Media Summit (BIMS), Feb. 23-24 at the Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort Bonnet Creek. Here are 6 speaker-related questions.

Our Business Information & Media Summit—or much more famously known in the publishing industry as BIMS—will take place Feb. 23-24, 2023, in Orlando, just minutes from Disney World! It will be BIMS’ first in-person edition since 2019. While the event may be no Aladdin or The Lion King, it should still be music to the ears of anyone closely involved in the B2B, media organization, niche publisher or association field.

Given the lofty heights that previous BIMS events have achieved, you will definitely want to be in-person in the Rooms Where It Happens. (See the full agenda here and register here while you can still get the best price!)

Meanwhile, here’s a quiz to highlight a little of the great work and speakers you will encounter there.

1. At our AMPLIFY June Conference in Washington, D.C., Elizabeth Green, CEO of Brief Media, told the audience that “our purpose is to care for veterinarians.” While Green has made making a difference a core principle—most specifically through a partnership with Mission Rabies—she added that it is also important at some point to take a step back and do what?
a. go back to school
b. assess your social media status
c. look at the overall impact your commitment is having—on staff, company growth, retention, recruitment.
d. travel

At BIMS, Green will appear on an esteemed panel of CEOs to offer an industry outlook for 2023.

2. According to Axios, Workweek CEO Becca Sherman said this in starting her company last November: “Traditionally, a great creator at a media company increases brand value, user growth, revenue per user, and many other KPIs across the business. However, content teams have historically been one of the lowest-budgeted departments. This mismatch in value, paired with the wave of new tools and services for independent creators, has driven the creator economy boom—and, in turn, has created a ____________ problem for media companies.”
a. recruitment
b. salary
c. diversity
d. retention

At BIMS, Sherman will speak on Here’s a Content-Centric Digital Native Who Wants to Remake B2B.

3. In May of last year, Government Executive Media Group rebranded to GovExec to “better reflect variety of business services for the public sector.” They announced a new portfolio centered on three pillars: Data that informs; media that connects; and ___________ services that activate. “Data and technology are now at the heart of everything [government leaders] do…,” said CEO Tim Hartman.
a. marketing
b. editorial
c. customer
d. sales

Hartman will also appear on the esteemed panel of CEOs to look at 2023.

Michelle Duke4. In an interview, Michelle Duke, chief diversity officer, National Association of Broadcasters, & president, NAB Leadership Foundation, spoke about how NAB determines success with its Broadcast Leadership Training program. “We measure in terms of promotions in the industry, and level of influence,” she said. “These are senior level executives, and we’ve had over ______% the last that we counted, promoted one or more times.
a. 37%
b. 49%
c. 65%
d. 81%

Duke will speak in a session titled Talent and DEI and Their Essential Role in Your Growth.

5. “I believe ___________ could replicate what we’ve done with FreightWaves, digitizing the community, and there is a massive B2B opportunity as well.” Founder and CEO Craig Fuller said that about what magazine that he purchased which is also a huge hobby of his.
a. scootering
b. flying
c. horoscoping
d. ultimate frisbeeing

Fuller will be the closing keynote, speaking on How FreightWaves Created a One-Two Punch with Marketing Services and Subscription Data

6. Bibiana Campos Seijo, VP of C&EN Media Group and editor-in-chief of C&EN at the American Chemical Society, is very proud of their Trailblazers program, which highlights rising ACS members from under-represented communities. It happened because the magazine staff felt it was important to do—not because she told them it needed to be done. Carolyn R. Bertozzi, who was named a Trailblazer in both 2020 and 2022, recently received what prestigious award?
a. Pulitzer Prize
b. Nobel Prize
c. National Medal of Science
d. Kavil Prize

Campos Seijo will speak on the topic, Content as Product: How Editorial Leaders Are an Often Untapped Source of Great Ideas.


1 – c. Look at the overall impact your commitment is having—on staff, company growth, retention, recruitment.
2 – d. retention. “It’s harder than ever before to keep successful creators on staff,” Sherman said;
3 – a. marketing
4 – c. 65% – “In terms of people in the highest levels of the industry about at least 12 to 13 of them have been on the NAB Board and over 59 have purchased stations,” Duke said.
5 – b. “I have been flying since the age of 13, and Flying has been my guide,” said Fuller.
6 – b. the Nobel Prize. “We celebrate Dr. Bertozzi’s leadership in advocating for diversity and inclusion in chemistry,” said ACS President Angela K. Wilson.


1-3 right – Attending BIMS will give you a perfect score, in more ways than one
4-5 right – Attending BIMS will fill you in on that last bit of knowledge
6 right – We need more people like you there!

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