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SIIA is the voice for the specialized information industry and associations. Our members provide the critical data, content and information that drives the global economy, informs financial networks, connects learners and educators, and produces better health outcomes. SIIA unites, defends and promotes the diverse companies and associations that comprise our membership.  Our educational and networking opportunities, conferences, research, government affairs advocacy, IP protection services and certification programs help you grow your business, your career and the industry at large.


SIIA promotes the common interests of the content, technology, and information industries.


SIIA protects the intellectual property of member companies, and advocates a legal and regulatory environment that benefits the entire industry.


SIIA informs the industry and the broader public by serving as a resource on trends, technologies, policies and related issues that affect member firms and demonstrate the contribution of the industry to the broader economy.
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SIIA membership is for companies of all sizes spanning the information industry. From global brands to specialty publishers, SIIA members represent all sectors of the information economy.

Full Corporate membership is available to firms whose primary business is the creation of software, information, or other publishing, including distributors. This category entitles all full-time employees of software and information publishers and online software and information-based service providers and their subsidiaries to participate in SIIA activities.

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Jeff Joseph


Carl Walker

Chief Financial Officer

Tom Davin

Senior Vice President & Managing Director, FISD

Paul Lekas

Senior Vice President, Global Public Policy

Christopher Mohr

Vice President for Intellectual Property and General Counsel

Jennifer Baranowski

Managing Director, CODiE Awards

Tracey Shumpert

Vice President, FISD Membership & Programs

Anika King

Director, Events & Sponsor Relations

Hope Wilkes

Program Manager, Professional Certification, FISD

Michael Zingali

Communications & Virtual Events Manager, FISD

David Anderson

FISD/ Atradia – Director FISD Programs EMEA

Scott Cooper

FISD/ Saquish – Director FISD Programs APAC

Kiran Sekhon

Manager, FISD Asia Operations & Marketing

Amanda McMaster

VP, Awards and Recognition Programs

Jen Smith

Director, Associations Council

Matthew Kinsman

VP, Content & Programming

Ronn Levine

Editorial Director

Sara Kloek

Senior Director, Education Policy

Divya Sridhar

Senior Director, Data Policy

Rozana Abraham

Office Manager

Daniel Gonzalez

Director, Information Systems

Justin Dike

Network Administrator

James Gerald

Registration Services Manager

Maria Katindig

Accounting Manager

Marsha Lutz

Accounts Payable

Mardy Goote

Manager, Anti-Piracy

Renee Harris-Etheridge

Vice President Membership and Marketing

Priscila Chrappah

Membership Manager

Kirsten Ballard

Kirsten Ballard

Marketing Director

Carla Kalogeridis

Publisher, Signature magazine

Weston Kalogeridis

Sponsorship and Signature Advertising

Victoria Akosile

Education Technology Policy Manager