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SIIA’s Commitment to DEI 

SIIA and our members are united by a shared belief that diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are critical core values for society and our individual organizations. We believe achieving greater advancement in DEI is not only morally correct, research proves diverse organizations produce better business results. Embracing a diversity of voices, ideas, experiences and approaches fuels innovation while connecting us closer to our customers and the communities we serve. SIIA is committed to work with our members and within our organization to improve DEI performance and outcomes for the benefit of our employees, the industry segments we represent, our nation and our world.

As business leaders, we recognize our responsibility to contribute to the betterment of society through the information, products, and services we provide but also as good citizens. While the needs are many, we believe we can best contribute to addressing inequalities by focusing on the issues most relevant to our members and where we believe we can make a truly impactful contribution. To that end, our efforts to improve DEI outcomes will focus on promoting digital equity, establishing and following clear DEI guidelines for our association and providing our members with resources and educational opportunities.

DEI support across leadership. Click here to read SIIA's Board Statement


SIIA Dedicated to Advancing Digital Equity

Advancing digital equity is a core focus for SIIA. For too long, underlying inequalities, racial biases, and discrimination have plagued the United States and communities around the world, denying too many the opportunity to contribute to and reap the benefits of the innovation economy.  Roughly one-third of unemployed Americans lack the foundational digital skills required for the estimated 75% of U.S. jobs which require such skills, according to one study. A 2021 report issued by the Federal Communications Commission approximates 42 million Americans do not have access to broadband internet. Other studies contend the FCC report undercounts those without access.

SIIA, our members and the business community at large view digital equity as a critical objective that requires funding, resources as well as upskilling and training opportunities for underrepresented communities, where broadband access and related supports are lacking and yet so critical. Removing the barriers to elevate opportunities for all individuals will lead to the creation of new businesses, foster economic growth and expand access to technology itself as well as the educational, employment and social engagement opportunities technological innovation can foster. Digital equity will ensure civic and cultural participation, employment, learning, and access to essential services, which are integral to a more connected and prepared community in order to ensure lifelong success. Read more here. 

SIIA Announces the IMPACT Awards!

The SIIA IMPACT Awards are an extension of SIIA’s continuing commitment to support members in achieving better outcomes in diversity, equity and inclusion and to spotlight and develop outstanding young professionals. In October 2022, ten people were honored for outstanding leadership in the publishing industry, specifically championing Emerging Talent and Equity. The success of this inaugural year for the IMPACT Awards will allow SIIA to evolve the program and recognize contributions across different industries. Please visit the IMPACT Awards for more information and updates. 

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