Important DEI
Tools & Resources

The Case for DEI

Diversity Wins: How Inclusion Matters (McKinsey)

Defining Terms

What’s The Difference Between Diversity, Inclusion and Equity? (General Assembly)

Emotional Intelligence

Measuring your Emotional Intelligence

Quick Assessment with Limited Results (Institute for Health and Human Potential)

Detailed Assessment with Limited Results (Psychology Today -Can Purchase Full Report)

Developing your Emotional Intelligence

Self-Reflection (CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion)

Empathy (Andaman Inspirations)

Practice Mindfulness (Mindful Magazine)

Video Tools on Developing Emotional Intelligence


How to Be a Glass-Shattering Organization (Harvard Business Review)

How to Lead on Racial Equity (Fortune Magazine Video Interview with Northwestern University Professor Alvin Tillery)

Inclusive Leadership: 6 Strategies for Success (Orange Grove Consulting)

12 top tips for leading diverse teams (HR Magazine)

11 Books To Read If You Want To Be A More Inclusive Leader (Forbes Magazine)

Driving Diversity and Inclusion—the Role for Chairs and CEOs (Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance)

LGTBQ Resources

Toolkit for Change: Assessing LGBTIQ+ Inclusion In Your Workplace (Out & Equal Workplace Advocates)


8 Ways To Measure Diversity That Have Nothing To Do With Hiring (Fortune Magazine)


What exactly is a microaggression? (Vox Media)

Cultivating DEI Within Your Organization

People of Color Resources

How to Be a Better Ally to Your Black Colleagues (Harvard Business Review)

What’s Keeping Black Workers From Moving Up the Corporate Ladder? (Wall Street Journal – paywalled)

Promoting an Inclusive Culture

How to Develop a Gender/Inclusion Program in Your Organization (Orange Grove Consulting)

Designing a Bias-Free Organization (Harvard Business Review)

Tips for Courageous Conversations (Fellowship for Race & Equity In Education)

What Should Inclusion Really Look Like In The Workplace? (Forbes Magazine)

Diversity Toolkit: A Guide to Discussing Identity, Power and Privilege (University of Southern California)

Numeric Performance Reviews Can Be Biased Against Women  (Kellogg School of Management)

Hybrid work can hurt or help DEI efforts. Here’s how to get it right (Fast Company)

Want to Make Real Progress in Newsroom DEI? Audience Engagement is Essential (Nieman Reports)

Mini Assessments (Orange Grove Consulting)

General Tips and Advice (Orange Grove Consulting)

Promoting Inclusive Meetings

Run Meetings That Are Fair to Introverts, Women, and Remote Workers (Harvard Business Review)

Recruitment, Hiring and Pay Equity

Bias Interrupters (Practical steps to improve equity in performance reviews and hiring  – see Toolkits)

Four Ways to Design a Bias-Free Hiring Process (

Diversity-in-hiring list (A list covering recruitment sites and networking/support organizations for underrepresented groups)

The Importance of Pay Equity (Society for Human Resource Management)

 Women And Minorities Are Vying For Industry Pay Transparency Via Google Sheets (Fortune Magazine)

Unconscious Bias

Unconscious Bias Checklist (Your D&I Project)

The Harvard Implicit Bias Project

Guidelines for Achieving Bias-Free Communication (Anti- Defamation League)

Guidelines for Non-Sexist Use of Language (American Philosophical Association)

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