An AMPLIFY 2023 Quiz Previews an Expert-Studded Agenda Filled with ‘Learning’ and Value

It was the great Alex Trebek who said, “I think what makes ‘Jeopardy!’ special is that, among all the quiz and game shows out there, ours tends to encourage learning.” In the spirit of Jeopardy then, here’s a quiz—based on our upcoming AMPLIFY 2023 Content & Marketing Summit, June 27-28 in Washington, D.C.—designed to give you some key information and learning about the publishing industry.

Test your publishing knowledge with this quiz, based on sessions at our upcoming AMPLIFY Content & Marketing Summit (featured in italics after the questions). Answers and scoring appear at the bottom.

In a Knight Foundation survey last year, what percentage of Americans said they’ve paid money to a news organization or paid to access news.
a. 51%
b. 43%
c. 32%
d. 26%

The opening Main Stage session is The Fast-Evolving Guide to Audience Engagement with Davide Savenije, editor in chief, and Sondra Hadden, senior director of audience growth marketing & retention.

2. Which three social platforms are publishers most investing in to drive content discovery (with most being first)?
a. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook
b. LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook
c. LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram
d. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

SEO for Editors: How to Optimize Your Content for Search Engines and Your Audience Content. Erin Hallstrom, associate director of SEO strategy, Endeavor Business Media.

3. Asked by UK’s Association of Online Publishers (AOP) where they see the most potential for growth in the next three years, B2B publishers placed what subject first at 28%?
a. Lead generation
b. Events
c. Digital advertising
d. Subscriptions

What Publishers Need to Know About Business Development in 2023: Carolyn Shomali, publisher, Professionals for Association Revenue; Marcus Maleck, director of global business partnerships, Society for Clinical Research Sites

4. Sustainability, DEI and climate change are all huge issues today, particularly for young people—what percentage of millennials say it’s important that companies they buy from also align with their values?
a. 65%
b. 47%
c. 94%
d. 83%

Measuring IMPACT: How Money Media Is Moving the Needle on Diversity: Hannah Glover, editor-in-chief, Money-Media; Sabrina J. Ashwell, senior copyeditor, Chemical & Engineering News, American Chemical Society; Racquel Jemison, program manager, American Chemical Society

5. According to new research from Acast, what percentage of U.S. listeners have taken action in response to podcast advertising, and that rises to what percentage for frequent listeners?
a. 65%, 67%
b. 75%, 77%
c. 85%, 87%
d. 95%, 97%

Leveraging a Podcast Program for Any Size Organization: Meredith Landry, content manager, GLC; Jen Hajigeorgiou, director of content strategy, National Association of REALTORS; Matt Ausloos, manager of publishing, American Health Law Association; Henry Howard, deputy director/media and communications, The American Legion

6. The Press Gazette reported on a Yougov poll that surveyed American readers to see what makes them pay for a subscription. This won out at 42%, followed by ad-free browsing (33%), exclusive content (26%), group subscription (23%) and better user experience (22%).
a. Lower price
b. Buy one, get one free
c. Peer pressure
d. A free gift with a subscription

Build a Content-First Culture to Engage Members Any Time, Anywhere: Hilary Marsh, president & chief strategist, Content Company, Inc.

7. In a 2023 B2B Marketing Benchmark Survey of more than 320 respondents from Endeavor Business Media, this was reported as the biggest challenge?
a. Not enough internal resources
b. Producing engaging content
c. Budget
d. Developing a strategy

Mapping Content to Your Marketing Funnel: Reach the Right Target at the Right Time: Randy Ford, First Story Strategies; Veronica Purvis, executive director, Journalism Education Association; Morgan Mulgrew, HighRoad Solutions


1.d Just 26%. The age group 27-41 was the highest at 30% and 18-26 the lowest at 20%. Young people are more likely to pay for movie and television streaming services that are likely to include access to some form of news content (57%) than to pay for news directly (28%).

2.c 44% of B2B publishers said LinkedIn, followed by Twitter at 19% and Instagram at 15%.

3.a Lead generation followed by events (22%), sponsorships (20%) and subscriptions (17%). Display advertising came in at just 9% of expected revenues in the AOP report while audio/podcasts/internet radio came in at just 2%.

4. d 83%. Other ages aren’t that far behind though. 73% of 35-54 year olds and 60% of 55+ year olds agree.

5. d 95%, 97%. Podcast fans are willing to listen to advertising to support their favorite shows—82% in the U.S. feel that way and 66% in Canada. And 82% of US and 67% of Canadians follow a podcaster on social media.

6. a Lower price. Factors that would make readers less likely to pay for a subscription include: high price (60%); too many ads (52%), poor user experience (45%) and lack of exclusive content (29%)

7. c Budget. Next came not enough internal resources, developing a strategy, producing engaging content, producing enough content, measuring success/ROI, leadership does not understand the value and need for technical writers.

1-3 right – Attending AMPLIFY will give you a perfect score
4-5 right – Attending AMPLIFY will fill you in on those missing bits of knowledge
6-7 right – We need more people like you at AMPLIFY!


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