August SIPA Member News

SIPA to Merge With Major B2B Publishing Associations

Yesterday we made an important announcement about an exciting merger between SIPA and our two sister media divisions under the SIIA umbrella—Connectiv and Association Media & Publishing. Read the announcement here.

SIPA members will soon receive an invitation to participate in a Readex Research survey. Your feedback will directly inform new programming, messaging and a refined value proposition for the new consolidated organization, so we greatly encourage your participation. Questions? Visit the FAQ page or contact Amanda McMaster at

Members on the Frontlines

I’ve done recent profiles on a number of members and the great work they are doing in this unique period. If you missed any, please check out MedLearn Media’s amazing crisis content, Coleman’s PPP webcasts, EB Medicine’s incredible frontline reporting, Cabot Wealth’s new launches and advice, and BVR’s upcoming event pivot.
Please contact me (rlevine@siia.netif you have success stories or interesting vignettes to share from the past few months! Would be more than happy to write about it here.

American Chemical Society Partners With PBS and YouTube for New Video Series
The American Chemical Society (ACS) has launched “Untold,” a new video series in partnership with PBS Digital Studios and YouTube Learning. The limited-run series features stories about science and how chemistry, physics, astronomy and geology can provide insight into the world around us.
Over the course of 10 episodes, “Untold” tells stories through a scientific lens, from the tale of a lonely whale to the Challenger space shuttle disaster and more. The series is hosted by Alex Dainis, Ph.D., a geneticist and science communicator. Throughout each episode, Dainis explains the history and illustrates the science behind the unique topics.
“Untold” is available to watch now on the ACS Reactions YouTube channel. ACS and PBS Digital Studios also produce the long-running video series “Reactions”, a show that uncovers the chemistry of everyday life and beyond.

What Does a Diversified Portfolio Look Like? 

The Toronto-based Successful Investor puts out great daily advice for readers. This came from an article this week:
“What does a diversified portfolio look like? We believe a well-diversified portfolio has a few specific qualities, including holdings spread out across most if not all of the five main economic sectors, geographic diversification, both conservative and more-aggressive holdings, and both market leaders and laggards.
“You will improve your chances of making money over long periods, no matter what happens in the market, if you diversify your holdings as we recommend.”

Here’s a Really Good Idea to Do for Your Niche: insideARM Announces the 2020 Best Places to Work in Collections.
I know Industry Dive has been named one of these by The Washington Post quite often and other members have as well. But it’s also a good idea to conduct the survey for your own niche as insideARM did here last week:
“insideARM is proud to announce the 2020 Best Places to Work in Collections winners. This survey and award program is designed to celebrate excellence among call center work environments in customer care, collections, and outsourcing. 2020 marks the 13th year that insideARM has recognized the industry’s best places to work, primarily as rated by employees.
“And this year, the process occurred during a pandemic that has upended and reorganized a lot of companies.”

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