‘Our Purpose… Has Never Wavered’; Blogs Show Mission and Tell Vital Stories

Data shows that public perception of organizations is deeply impacted by how much they’re contributing to a better future. A survey last year found that people paid for content to “support a publication’s mission and success.” Organizations use their blogs to show that mission, while also elevating their journalists and offering ways to cope in these tough times.

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Back in Person, 2022 Neal Awards Crown the Best of B2B Journalism With a Joyous Feel

Ideas and accolades flowed as SIIA’s 68th Annual Jesse H. Neal Awards—the premier awards program honoring B2B journalism—crackled with tension and attention Tuesday. A sold-out NYC gathering applauded 61 winners and 239 finalists in 26 categories. The biggest winners were Industry Dive (10), Winsight (5), Crain and Arizent (4), BNP Media and IEEE Media (3), and an audience happy to be together again.

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‘The Right Flexibility for Our Readers’; Publishers Test Life Without Paywalls

“We’re always open to testing and having the right flexibility for our readers,” Fiona Spooner, managing director of consumer revenue for The Financial Times, said late last year after a one-day, no-paywall experiment. Subscriptions went down, traffic went up. Although paywalls remain the standard way to go, entities are stepping up and out.

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Neal Awards Finalist Shows Range in an Incredibly Honest and Revealing Podcast

Episodes of’s The Healthy Advisor podcast—which used to be called “Transparency with Diana B.” but got changed when that “was not quite as transparent a title as we thought”—have touched on sexual harassment, addiction, deaths of close relatives and life-changing injuries. It’s a stirring listen and a Neal Awards finalist.

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