Digital Policy

SIIA applies research-based advocacy to drive digital policy in the United States, EU, and key foreign jurisdictions to promote a healthy innovation ecosystem, advance data governance standards and frameworks, and address consumer welfare and DEI concerns.


Artificial Intelligence & Emerging Tech

SIIA supports legislative, regulatory, and policy measures to foster responsible development and use of AI, including impact assessments, and risk-based, technology-neutral data governance frameworks.

Advocating for solutions to algorithmic bias and other DEI concerns

SIIA promotes members’ innovative, socially-positive uses of AI technologies, including privacy-enhancing technologies, content provenance technologies, and robust public-private partnerships.


SIIA advocates for policies that foster a healthy, pro-innovation digital ecosystem, a competitive marketplace, innovation, consumer welfare, and national security.


SIIA supports federal breach response legislation and further efforts to strengthen public-private efforts around digital safety and critical digital infrastructure.

Content Policy

SIIA promotes advanced technology solutions and public-private efforts to combat deep fakes, disinformation, and attacks on informational integrity. SIIA also advocates around Section 230 and content moderation reform to support a healthy and open digital ecosystem.

Recent Actions

Tech Industry Coalition Raises Concerns Over Discriminatory EU Regulations in Letter to President Biden

This week, a coalition of seven tech industry groups, including SIIA, Chamber of Progress, the Computer & Communications …

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SIIA Raises Concerns Over Proposed Revisions to Investigatory Powers Act 2016 Notices Regimes

The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), representing over 450 companies in various sectors, has expressed concerns about …

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SIIA Joins Coalition Letter Urging Congressional Support for Investments in Legacy Federal IT

SIIA joins coalition letter strongly urging continued Congressional support for investments to modernize and improve legacy federal IT. …

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Leading AI Companies and White House Commit to Advancing Responsible AI for a Safer Future:

The following statement can be attributed to Paul Lekas, Senior Vice President, Global Public Policy, Software & Information …

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Proposed Merger Guidelines: A Departure from Antitrust Principles Threatening Consumer Welfare and Innovation in the U.S. Economy

The following statement can be attributed to Paul Lekas, Senior Vice President, Global Public Policy and Morten Skroejer, …

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SIIA Calls on Congress to Authorize the National AI Research Resource

Since release of the National AI Research Resource (NAIRR) Task Force report earlier this year, SIIA has consistently …

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