Digital Policy

SIIA applies research-based advocacy to drive digital policy in the United States, EU, and key foreign jurisdictions to promote a healthy innovation ecosystem, advance data governance standards and frameworks, and address consumer welfare and DEI concerns.


Artificial Intelligence & Emerging Tech

SIIA supports legislative, regulatory, and policy measures to foster responsible development and use of AI, including impact assessments, and risk-based, technology-neutral data governance frameworks.

Advocating for solutions to algorithmic bias and other DEI concerns

SIIA promotes members’ innovative, socially-positive uses of AI technologies, including privacy-enhancing technologies, content provenance technologies, and robust public-private partnerships.


SIIA advocates for policies that foster a healthy, pro-innovation digital ecosystem, a competitive marketplace, innovation, consumer welfare, and national security.


SIIA supports federal breach response legislation and further efforts to strengthen public-private efforts around digital safety and critical digital infrastructure.

Content Policy

SIIA promotes advanced technology solutions and public-private efforts to combat deep fakes, disinformation, and attacks on informational integrity. SIIA also advocates around Section 230 and content moderation reform to support a healthy and open digital ecosystem.

Recent Actions

SIIA Statement on Supreme Court Decision on Content Moderation

The following statement can be attributed to Chris Mohr, President, Software & Information Industry Association. We are gratified that the …

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SIIA Joins Organizations in Urging Thoughtful Rulemaking for New York’s SAFE for Kids Act

The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) joins five organizations in urging Attorney General James to thoughtfully consider industry feedback …

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Supreme Court Sides with the Biden Administration on “Jawboning” and Alleged Social Media Censorship

Murthy v. Missouri, a case decided by the Supreme Court on June 26,  deals with the question of …

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SIIA Statement on Revised Draft of the American Privacy Rights Act

The following statement can be attributed to Chris Mohr, President, the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), regarding the updated …

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SIIA Stands Against AB 1008: Protecting Public Access to Information and First Amendment Rights

SIIA joins other organizations in opposing AB 1008 (Bauer-Kahan). The bill narrows the exception for “publicly available” information …

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SIIA and 16 Industry Organizations Oppose AB 886 (California Journalism Preservation Act)

The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) and 16 industry organizations oppose AB 886, the California Journalism Preservation …

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