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Silverbrook Design and Marketing

Freelance/Sole Proprietor

Be remarkable. Advance your mission with dynamic, strategic marketing moves.

The business world is transitioning - especially post-pandemic - into a gig economy. Not only because of job seekers wanting more freedom and flexibility, but also because of companies realizing that they can pay for only what they need. So why work with Silverbrook Marketing instead of another fractional CMO?

  • Creativity and outside the box thinking
  • 20+ years of strategic marketing communications education and experience
  • Expertise in nonprofit associations and service-based B2B companies
  • A holistic background of not only digital marketing but also the roots: printing and publishing
  • Experienced team leadership and a passion for mentoring
  • A focus on empowering women in business
  • Connections to additional support as needed
  • A laid-back but professional style that encourages teamwork




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