‘Diversified Revenue Streams and Critical Mass’; Ferrell Aims High for Endeavor Business Media

The industry-leading Business Information & Media Summit (BIMS) will take place in Orlando, Feb. 23-24, the first in-person BIMS since 2019. Accordingly, the team at the AM&P Network see an opportunity to help drive the media conversation and feature the voices of leading thought leaders speaking at the event.

In the weeks to come, we’ll continue to publish one or two brief Q&As every week, each of them zeroing in on a specific topic related to sessions at the event—and in the process highlight our rich and timely agenda.

In our fifth installment, Tony Silber talks to Chris Ferrell, CEO of the Nashville-based, acquisition-focused Endeavor Business Media. Chris will be one of the esteemed executives speaking at the BIMS General Session: Outlook 2023: A CEO Panel.

Tony Silber: What’s your topline take on the state of B2B media for 2023?
Chris Ferrell: How 2023 shakes out for B2B will largely be determined by the underlying industry being served. I expect a ragged recession that impacts certain sectors significantly and others hardly at all. I do think that events will continue to rebound from the Covid downturn and that if events aren’t at or exceeding 2019 levels in 2023 then there is something wrong with the event rather than a hangover from Covid. Overall, I think the B2B industry is healthy. There are lots of companies doing interesting things and providing great content for their audiences.

You’re the fastest-growing, most dynamic company in the business right now. What’s driving your growth?
Chris: We have been able to continue our acquisition strategy of acquiring smaller B2B media companies in an environment where there is little competition for them. At the same time, we have assembled a very experienced team and have the resources to invest in the innovative ideas they come up with for organic growth. As a result, we are launching new events and new products on a regular basis. In terms of organic growth, our suite of marketing solutions products is where we are seeing the largest revenue growth.

What’s your ultimate goal for the business model across your existing businesses and this year’s many acquisitions? A diversified approach including advertising, events, data, subscriptions, etc.? A gradual shift to one of those or something else?
Chris: Our business model is predicated on having both diversified revenue streams and critical mass in the industries we serve. Our acquisitions have reflected that approach as we acquired both expanded capabilities this year in research and podcasting as well as expanded the size of our audience and the number of brands we offer in several of the verticals that we serve. It is our goal to be our clients’ most important marketing partner. We want to have the largest, most engaged audience in each sector we cover and then be able to provide a full range of services to our clients who are trying to reach those audiences.

What’s the most resilient model in B2B media?
Chris: We built EBM with the idea that it would be resilient. If sentiment moves away from certain products, we have many others that can take up the slack. If certain industries are struggling, then we have others that are having a good year and can make up for softness elsewhere. That is the whole idea behind diversification. It worked during Covid, and I expect it to allow us to navigate whatever 2023 throws our way as well.

Thanks so much, Chris. See you in Orlando at BIMS 2023!




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