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May 20 @ 1:00pm - 2:00pm US Eastern Time

The tidal wave of data privacy regulation combined with major tech platforms like Apple and Google abandoning third-party cookies lead many to predict the decline of third-party data and power coming back to publishers who can use that first-party data to sell high-value audiences and scale their reach beyond their own websites and communities. The opportunity is open to publishers of all sizes, provided they make the not-insurmountable investment in a tech stack that both organizes the data and makes it actionable. Hear a step-by-step breakdown of how publishers are taking control of their first party data and using it to create winning solutions for customers (including one publisher who boosted its reach more than 50x).

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AnnMarie Wills

CEO/President, Leverage Lab

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David Leach

COO, Aviation International News

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Sadie Ludwig

President, MediaBrains

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