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July 21 @ 1-2 p.m. U.S. Eastern Time

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Data is powering the next evolution of business media and information companies, from generating invaluable customer insights to elevating advertising and marketing solutions to even becoming the product itself with high-margin subscription services.

But data within most organizations remains siloed, whether by department or by platform, presenting a huge challenge for making data actionable.

Join us for a discussion with leading CEOs on how they are getting over those hurdles and making their organizations “data smart,” including,

  • Understanding the opportunity and the new types of data available
  • How the Open Data Initiative is remaking the marketplace
  • How to harness the power of data through the right tech choices
  • How to move beyond siloed data to creating a centralized hub that makes your organization lighter, faster and more effective
  • Building the team you need you need to realize the data opportunity, from new hires to empowering existing staff
  • Examples of how companies are turning data into revenue (including how FreightWaves drove 250% growth thanks to a data-driven approach to marketing and information services.


Craig Fuller, CEO, FreightWaves Sebastian Mayeres, Ceo, knk Publishing



Sebastian Mayeres

CEO, knk Publishing

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Craig Fuller

CEO& Founder, FreightWaves

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