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June 17 @ 2:15 p.m. US Eastern Time

At the Eye on EXCELlence session, we’ll be celebrating two of our accomplished EXCEL award-winning entries. Featuring the representatives from the submitting associations, you’ll hear from a select group of industry panelists, who will highlight the factors that put these two entries over the top to become award-winners, and helped the organization to succeed in its goals. This favorited session returns for the fourth year and is both fun and informative.


Ernest Achenbach, Director of Digital Strategy, Unleashed Technologies

As the Director of Digital Strategy for Unleashed, Ernie leads the planning and execution of digital transformations for websites, web applications, and supporting platforms. His background in the Association space provides Ernie the insights to exceptional quality across all mediums. Ernie has led the strategy, creative, and management of over 50 websites and apps, more than 30 brands and campaigns, and over 50 magazine designs and redesigns. His agency experience and diverse media expertise has resulted in 40+ industry awards. Ernie has been a contributing member and volunteer to AM&P for many years and is exited to host the Eye on EXCELlence session for the fourth year as a part of the amazing 2021 AM&P Annual Meeting!

Haydee Gusler, Senior Graphic Designer, The American Society of Civil Engineers

Haydee is an experienced graphic designer based in the DMV area, originally from Mexico City. She has worked internationally, which has given her a more extensive understanding of different audiences and markets. In her first years, she created packing designs for toys and did many car exhibits and campaigns! for Mazda, Ford, and Jeep.

For the past 13 years, she has been working as a Senior Designer for the American Society of Civil Engineers, which has provided her a great understanding and insight knowledge on how based-member associations work. She finds that she’s happiest when creating motion graphics; so, when she’s not working, you can find her creating content for her Instagram account and other Instagrammers. Her personal motto is practice makes perfect. 

Christina Folz, Senior Writer, AAUW

Christina Folz is the senior writer for the American Association of University Women (AAUW). She is a past president of the Associations Council who has worked in various editorial and leadership roles within nonprofits over the past two decades. 

Benita Lipps, Head of Association Management, Interel

A passionate design thinker and non-profit innovator, Benita has dedicated her professional career to helping non-profits make an impact. 

Ellen Kim, Founder & Creative Director, GRAPHEK

After cutting her teeth in New York City at Viacom and as an Art Director at Hearst Magazines, Ellen struck out on her own and brought her creative competence and business savvy to Washington, D.C., with the heart to serve the greater good. She brings 25+ years of experience in leading associations and non-profits through brand strategy and visual storytelling rooted in concept. She has been recognized by the American Institute of Graphic Arts, HOW Magazine, Communication Arts, PRINT, Graphis, Art Director Clubs of Washington DC and New York, and American Advertising Federation and has won over 350 awards for her client partners.

Joy Onozuka, Managing Editor and Communications Officer, American Tinnitus Association

Joy Onozuka joined the American Tinnitus Association in 2016, and became managing editor of the nonprofit’s magazine Tinnitus Today in 2018. As the ATA’s communications and research liaison, Joy works daily with the tinnitus community, which includes patients, healthcare professionals, and researchers. For Joy, the magazine represents individual voices within the tinnitus community and the belief that mutual support creates positive change, be it improved quality of life for those with tinnitus, better techniques for relieving tinnitus distress, or increased funding of tinnitus research to pave the way to eventual cures.
As someone dedicated to uplifting the individual through evidence-based knowledge and belief in science, Joy, who also has tinnitus, hopes the magazine will continue to evolve as a dynamic platform for advancing awareness of tinnitus, its prevention, and the importance of working together to find answers to complicated problems. 


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