Grow, Engage and Monetize. Future’s ‘Honest’ Formula Pays Dividends.

“The work that goes behind TechRadar… is no different from a relatively new site such as Bike Perfect,” said Aaron Asadi, chief audience & ecommerce officer for Future. “It’s absolutely the same setup…, same infrastructure… same way of working, which we do across all the Future brands.” On a recent podcast, Asadi explained their winning strategy.

“Ultimately, it is a very simple business,” Asadi said in a summertime Media Voices Podcast with Peter Houston, “which is let’s reach the audience, let’s engage with them. Let’s do that well and honestly, and then, if you can do that well, you will be able to monetize it.”

Let’s look at more of Asadi’s quotes and how they relate to publishing and revenue at this important moment in time.

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