Leaders Offer Best Practices and Fresh Ideas for B2B Subscription Marketing

The great B2B media subscription push continues. It has been years since the subscription economy emerged, and subscription-based services like Netflix, video games, enterprise software and cloud storage became as common as cellphones and streaming. But in media, subscriptions can be a more difficult lift.

The New York Times has more than six million digital subscribers, and the Washington Post has more than three million. And yes, one bright spot in an otherwise exceedingly difficult last 15 months for B2B media has been subscriptions.

But the subscription business is expensive. It’s time and labor intensive. It requires a high level of marketing skill and multiple channels to break through the blizzard of free information. Most of all, a successful subscription business needs a highly defined market, usually a vertical market, and a product that an audience perceives is mission critical enough to pay for.

We spoke to five media executives about how to succeed with a B2B subscriptions business now. Log in to read more.

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