SIIA and major organizations address Majority Leader Schumer and Minority Leader McConnell to express concerns about the “No Section 230 Immunity for AI Act” (S. 1993). The bill threatens freedom of expression, content moderation, and innovation. Section 230 protects online services from liability for user-generated content, but S. 1993 would eliminate this protection for content generated by AI tools. While we contends that the bill’s broad language could lead to unintended consequences, precluding a necessary policy debate and potentially enabling censorship.

We highlights potential issues such as vexatious litigation, misallocation of liability, and the adverse impact on content moderation tools. The bill could discourage the development and use of AI-based content moderation tools, leading to increased costs and biased moderation decisions. We express concerns about the bill’s potential to disincentive the use of generative AI tools, which play a crucial role in creating online content.

We urges Congress to adopt a more thoughtful and nuanced approach to regulate generative artificial intelligence, emphasizing the importance of considering the complexities involved in a manner that does not undermine free speech, user safety, and American competitiveness in the AI marketplace.