Cambium Assessment, Incorporated (CAI)is revolutionizing the field of educational assessment by empowering educators with innovative AI-based solutions. Their use of state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, combined with human scoring, enables efficient and accurate evaluation of student writing. CAI’s commitment to responsible AI use and their adherence to key principles in the Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights, showcasing their impact on the educational landscape.

CAI uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically score student writing with our Autoscore engine. CAI deploy their models to work alongside human scoring; unusual or borderline responses are routed to human scorers for verification scoring, and random subsets of responses are routed to human scorers as a quality check. Their approach helps to ensure that all responses receive valid and reliable scores and that scores are returned quickly to educators for use in the classroom.

CAI’s approach addresses each principle in the Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights.

  • Safe and Effective Systems.
  • Algorithmic Discrimination Protections.
  • Data Privacy.
  • Notice and Explanation.
  • Human Alternatives, Considerations, and Fallback

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