In response to the Seedlings to Scale Request For Information by the Institute of Education Sciences (IES), the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) highlights the importance of technology in education. With a focus on personalized learning outcomes, SIIA emphasizes the need for diverse perspectives and partnerships involving students, educators, parents, communities, researchers, and technology vendors. SIIA underscores the significance of adhering to state and federal laws regarding the security and privacy of student data in educational technology. They advocate for clear guidelines and collaboration between vendors, educators, and policymakers. Addressing various legal regimes such as FERPA, ADA, and ESSA, SIIA emphasizes the importance of following data privacy policies and implementing best practices, particularly in the context of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI). Key Points:

  1. Emphasis on diverse partnerships for successful technology development.
  2. Advocacy for compliance with state and federal laws on student data privacy.
  3. Discussion of legal regimes affecting educational technology.
  4. Introduction of principles for responsible AI use in education.
  5. Commendation of the ED’s investment in educational technology.
  6. Commitment to collaboration with federal agencies for policy advancement.

SIIA commends the Department of Education (ED) for its investment in educational technology and expresses commitment to collaborating with federal agencies to advance policies supporting greater access to high-quality, innovative educational programs.