The following statement on the May 16th Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Privacy, Technology and the Law on AI is attributed to Paul Lekas, Senior Vice President, Global Public Policy and Government Affairs, Software & Information Industry Association

“AI is already having a profound impact across society and enabling scientific and economic possibilities once unthinkable. We are optimistic and excited about the technology and its potential beyond generative AI. We do have concern that hype around generative AI will distract from critical issues that warrant government attention. As China and the EU move forward with alternative visions of AI, Congress should lead in advancing a pro-innovation democratic approach. This includes fully funding authorized federal R&D programs to advance AI development, giving agencies sufficient resources to implement oversight of high-risk AI systems, incentivizing the adoption of technologies that enhance privacy and security, and addressing national security risks associated with AI systems. Any guardrails should be developed with due consideration of existing laws and focused on the highest-risk applications of AI that have significant effects on individual rights, safety, or security. As Congress continues public hearings on AI, we urge members to build on the work that has been undertaken across the Executive Branch and extensively in public debate and focus on targeted solutions.”