SIIA, Chamber of Progress File Amicus Brief with Supreme Court on Content Moderation

SIIA joined a diverse group of 18 organizations with the Chamber of Progress and filed this amicus brief to the Supreme Court to reinforce the vital importance of content moderation. The brief can be read here

In a statement SIIA published today, SIIA General Counsel and SVP for Intellectual Property Chris Mohr said, “They should have named this the ‘No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Act.’ It makes content moderation practically impossible. For our members and users of social media platforms, the decision has enormous implications for the safety and security of the internet. HB 20 would prevent our members from taking action to curb misinformation and hate speech and allow piracy of copyrighted works to proliferate online.  Both liberal and conservative scholars have recognized the problems with the law.  It’s our hope that the Court promptly vacates the Fifth Circuit’s decision.”  

The issue of content moderation has been elevated after last weekend’s horrific mass shooting in Buffalo, NY was briefly live streamed by the shooter — and was the subject of today’s MSNBC opinion piece