SIIA Letter on KY HB 32: An ACT Relating to Biometric Data Collection Practices

The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) writes to provide testimony on House Bill 32, “An ACT Relating to Biometric Data Collection Practices.”

We appreciate the legislature’s leadership on protecting consumer rights and strengthening data privacy safeguards, with a focus on biometric data. We also appreciate the special risks that misuse of biometric data poses to consumers and applaud your attention to this important issue. Biometrics have grown in use and availability, because of their high level of accuracy in identifying and authenticating individual human traits and their potential to further safeguard consumers’ security and safety. We agree that consumers should have the right to appropriate notices and consents concerning the collection, retention, destruction, and disclosure of their biometric information in business operations, as stated in the bill. While we understand the need for strong consumer protections with regard to sensitive biometric data, we address two important concerns with HB 32. 

The full letter can be read here.

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