The following statement from the Software & Information Industry Association can be attributed to Sara Kloek, Vice President, Education and Children’s Policy.

SIIA is proud to support the NSF AI Education Act of 2024, a bipartisan bill introduced by Senators Cantwell and Moran. Now is the time to invest in students and educators to ensure that they are ready to lead in the future.

We are particularly excited to see the emphasis on industry partnerships to ensure collaboration between the students, the educational system, and employers. These public private partnerships ensure that the future workforce and the future employers are responsive to the diverse needs of tomorrow. Incentivizing public-private partnerships here will help to empower all students, not just those with means, to benefit from cutting edge technologies.

Section 13 calls for the development of guidance for the introduction and use of AI in pre-k-12 classrooms. Federal leadership will allow local schools, districts, and states to leverage the knowledge to effectively deploy AI technologies that are purpose-driven that address the needs of learners, educators, and families.

SIIA called for a focus on AI literacy when we launched the Education Technology Industry’s Principles for the Future of AI in Education in October 2023. The emphasis throughout the legislation on AI literacy is particularly important. We must ensure that all users are comfortable navigating emerging technologies and empowered to effectively use them to enhance a learner’s experience.

Additionally, the EDSAFE AI Alliance, the leading cross-sector voice for the responsible adoption and use of AI through the SAFE Framework and education policy, announced the launch of its EDSAFE AI Industry Council with over 50 founding member companies. The Industry Council, is chaired by Karl Rectanus, in partnership with SIIA, an EDSAFE AI Steering Committee Member. Press release can be found here.