The following statement can be attributed to Paul Lekas, Senior Vice President, Software & Information Industry Association.

We applaud the meaningful global engagement coming out of the AI Seoul Summit 2024, building on progress from the inaugural 2023 UK AI Safety Summit. It is encouraging to see world leaders collaborating to prioritize safe, innovative and inclusive AI as seen through the joint Seoul Declaration signed by 10 countries and the EU. The declaration’s emphasis on aligning risk-based approaches is particularly important when striving to bridge gaps amongst countries, and we appreciate the emphasis on multi-stakeholder collaboration within ongoing and future AI safety discussions.

Industry is actively working to ensure risk mitigation is at the forefront of developing and deploying AI models, especially in the context of high-risk use cases. The Frontier AI Safety Commitments sets the groundwork for implementing best practices in responsible frontier AI safety. We are proud that three of our member companies – Amazon, Google and Meta – are among those that have agreed to the Commitments. We are also encouraged that two leading AI companies from China and the UAE have joined the Commitments. Industry has an integral role in advancing safe and trustworthy AI and we look forward to continuing to promote efforts to align AI safety, governance and transparency across borders.