Privacy & Data Protection

Privacy and data protection are essential to SIIA members. We support a robust agenda at the federal, state, and international level and policies that will enhance the health, safety, and accessibility of data and information. We are a thought leader on issues involving the First Amendment, child and student privacy, and anti-fraud, reflecting the valuable services that our members provide to government, business, and the public.


Advancing comprehensive federal privacy legislation

SIIA advocates for balanced, comprehensive federal privacy legislation in the United States.

Promoting digital trade and cross-border data flows

SIIA engages with US, EU, UK, and other foreign officials in supporting free cross-border data flows and advocates against restrictive data localization policies. SIIA is actively engaged with senior officials on US-EU Privacy Shield negotiations, the US-EU Trade & Technology Council, UK data policy, and Indo-Pacific regional efforts.

Driving the debate on the benefits of privacy law

SIIA members believe that comprehensive privacy law is critical to address concerns about the lack of accountability and transparency with how consumer data is collected. processed, and used. A comprehensive federal privacy law will provide meaningful consumer safeguards while promoting innovation and democratic values.

Advancing DEI

SIIA supports efforts to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion as a core feature of meaningful privacy reform.

Engaging at the state level

SIIA is active in states across the nation and has had success in driving changes in privacy and data protection legislation to address member equities.

Recent Actions

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SIIA’s Feedback on Proposed Rulemaking for Hart-Scott-Rodino Coverage: An Analysis of 16 CFR Parts 801-803

In response to the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on 16 CFR Parts 801 and …

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SIIA Urges Caution When Regulating Data Brokers; Response to Remarks from FTC

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Challenging the 2023 Draft Merger Guidelines: SIIA’s Key Concerns and Recommendations

n response to the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) request for comments on …

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SIIA Joins Coalition Letter on California’s SB 362 (Oppose)

The SIIA and various trade associations, companies, and organizations have united against SB 362, emphasizing its potential negative …

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