Quiz Time: This Event Will Inform, Engage and Inspire. What is SIPA 2020?

I was watching Jeopardy the other night—okay, it has become the highlight of my exciting evenings—and in Final Jeopardy they asked something about an Ernest Hemingway novel and Spain. Oh my gosh, I shouted, happy to be out of a Zoom box for the first time all day, it’s The Sun Also Rises!
On Monday, June 1, the sun will rise on SIPA 2020, our first-ever, two-day virtual annual conference, and the lineup is shaping up to be exceptional. (Early-bird prices expire on Saturday.) So figuring that you can get all the details on the website and with my current love of quizzes, I devised my own, based on six of the sessions. Good luck.
1. Fill in the blank: Euromoney article today led with this paragraph: “At the start of April, Exabel, an artificial intelligence and machine-learning platform for active asset managers, partnered with 1010data, __________________ data provider to the retail, consumer packaged goods and financial services industries, to develop their COVID-19 impact dashboard.”
a. a real-time
b. an alternative
c. a consumer
d. a personalized
2. Stephanie Williford, CEO of EB Medicine, said that they were going to do something but then people got furious and they had to change up. What was it?
a. Run podcasts on how coronavirus is affecting emergency clinicians
b. Do special COVID-19 podcasts
c. Put all their COVID-19 information behind a paywall
d. Let their audience know about yoga and meditation apps
3. Day 1 keynote speaker Don Harkey, CEO of People Centric, said that he has seen this as a result of everyone working from home:
a. People working shorter hours
b. Less effective virtual events
c. Work teams are actually becoming closer and feeling tighter as a team.
d. The old kids show Zoom has been completely forgotten
4. Today, this company launched a live streaming events platform that combines existing resources such as Pages, Events, and Live to help companies reconnect with their customers and communities.
a. Google
b. Facebook
c. Instagram
d. LInkedIn
5. Education Week’s monthly Online Summits have Discussion Rooms. For the next event on May 20, the following is true:
a. 5 of the 9 rooms have sponsors
b. 4 Education Week writers will be part of the discussions
c. Education Week provides 1 hour of professional development credit if the educator attends live.
d. All of the above
6. Fill in the blank. Krystle Kopacz, CEO of Revmade, wrote this in an article in March: “At this point, researching how competitors have tried to solve the problem is important. You want to learn from any missteps and present a unique solution to your audience. You can’t drive _____________ if you’re replicating something that’s already created.
a. revenue
b. loyalty
c. success
d. harmony
1. b – alternative data. The article said that this dashboard will give investors a close to real-time insight into how the pandemic and lockdowns have impacted consumer spending in the U.S. Meg Hargreaves, COO, Industry Dive, and Michael Marrale, CEO, MScience, will present Content Licensing: Alternative Data 101 on Monday, June 1 at 12:30 pm.
2. c – EB Medicine is doing a, b and d. But when they put COVID-19 info behind a paywall, people were furious. Dan Fink, managing director, Money-Media, a Financial Times company; Lynn Freer, president, Spidell Publishing Inc.; and Stephanie Williford, CEO, EB Medicine, will present Growing Your Audience in the Time of Pandemic, Tuesday, June 2 at 1 pm.
3. c – Teams are becoming closer. Harkey will present Keynote: Accelerating Out of the Crisis, Monday, June 1 at 11 am.
4. d – LinkedIn. On Tuesday, June 2 at 1:40 pm, Steve Kearns, marketing leader, social media, LinkedIn, and Michelle Peña, senior editor, Business Management Daily, present All Things LinkedIn: Sales, Marketing and Content Strategies.
5. d – All of the above. At 12:05 on Monday, June 1, Matthew Cibellis, director of programming, live & virtual events, Education Week, will present Creating a Standout Virtual Event.
6. b – loyalty. On Tuesday, June 2 at 11 am, Krystle Kopacz, CEO, Revmade, will present Keynote: Six Steps to Improve Your Digital Revenue Outlook Immediately.
1-2 right – You have to register for SIPA 2020 to learn more!
3-4 right – You have to register for SIPA 2020 and lead a discussion!
5-6 right – You have to register for SIPA 2020 and be on next year’s program committee.

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