SIIA Announces New Partnership With EdSAFE AI Alliance

The Software Information & Industry Association (SIIA) and the EdSAFE AI Alliance (ESAA) announce a new partnership focused on the responsible use of AI in education. The two organizations will work together to engage with educators, technology companies, policymakers and regulatory bodies to advance initiatives.

SIIA is thrilled to partner with the EdSAFE AI Alliance to work together to promote safe and equitable AI in education. Our members believe in the importance of the responsible deployment of technology in the classroom and never has that been more important than with the advances in AI. We look forward to working with our member companies and ESAA on this critical topic,” said Paul Lekas, SVP of Global Public Policy.

“We are proud to launch this collaboration with SIIA and its membership. They will be adding to and joining the global community connecting and providing leadership in the development of a safer, more equitable and trusted education ecosystem of Artificial Intelligence,” said Dale Allen, PhD, Co-Founder of ESAA and President of the DXtera Institute. “ESAA brings together existing networks, frameworks, education organizations, ministries, research and standards bodies to provide global leadership, strengthen local work and develop benchmarks, frameworks and standards to enable innovation and build trust for the safe use of AI in education.”  

With over 450 members, SIIA is the principal trade association for the software and information industry worldwide and the only trade association for the ed tech industry. SIIA members provide critical tools for in class, remote and hybrid learning that enhance the learning experience at all levels. As AI in education continues to evolve, SIIA remains at the forefront of representing its members and the industry at large to policymakers around the world.

ESAA is a global alliance of AI ed tech and education leaders committed to establish a healthy ecosystem within the AI education industry. Spread across 20 countries with more than 200 participants, ESAA provides a foundation for building frameworks, community, resources and standards to establish a unified approach to help users and regulatory bodies work together on AI in ed tech issues. 

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